Finally good again - modding my Cayin 50t

Just wanted to thank the gon for being here. Its an incredible resource. I had to sell my cj 11a and an audible illusions 3a. I managed to get a stock cayin 50t. I was glad to have it though I wasn't really engaged to the listening experience anymore. So ... I rolled tubes and rolled tubes. I ended up with nos amperex 12ax7s and 12au7s with gold lion kt77s. Things got better but still more annoyed then enjoying the music. Then rolled caps. Changed the input and output caps to mundorf silver in oils and the power caps to solen 630vs. A great improvement. But just recently, at the 250 hour mark ... a huge change and I'm just enjoying the music!!! That is what it is all about for me. I thank all the people who helped me in my decision making in the forum!
And now to put another record on!
Great mods!
I am thinking of Caps upgrade in my Cayin a55t. I have Cayin for 5 years now.
Also have Amperex 12au7 but 12ax7 are Tungsram. Gl kt88.
Herbie tube dampers - my recommendation.

Can You please tell me how many and what values are power Caps. I know for input caps and output caps. I am not skilled and I will ask my friend to change Cups. But i would like to order them asap so thats why I am asking. I am thinking of Mundorf mtube
Or do You recommend Solen instead?
Can You please look at link - I am not sure will it fit.

I will put Mundorf Superme regulars as input Caps. I allready got them - SiO was expensive.