Fingers Crossed That Julius Makes Me A Parlando

Having heard a myriad of amplifiers of all stripes, topologies, and circuitry, I think the "plain Jane" Audire Parlando is the finest amp I've heard, bar none. A friend has the privilege of owning one and, while Julius at Audire is kicking back and relaxing, I think I may have persuaded him to come out of retirement long enough to build a Parlando of my very own. This would be the last amp I ever own.
Wow it would be great to get your hands on the amp of your dreams under these circumstances. Good luck.
I did business with Julius years ago- what a great guy. So honest and helpful I still remember it 2o years later!

I see Julius and David Belles as two men of great talents and tremendous integrity. Both could cynically sell their products for double, maybe triple the price and probably make a mint, but their consciences would not allow it. But, Julius is retired and Belles is up there in age. I wish there were more like them.
I want one!!! I've heard the Otez and it was one of the best I've heard, and drove the living sh*-* out of whatever speakers were connected to it..