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Influential Producers
Rick Rubin comes to mind. His work with Johnny Cash was very good in my opinion. 
Blindly deafly? bought Purple Flare cables...
Well it seems that your assumption that spending more would make you worry less was incorrect based on this post :)My advice is to relax and enjoy the music. You've purchased from a reputable manufacturer and nothing WE say will change the sound.U... 
When did you start to love music and why?
Great thread! My mother was a pianist and vocalist- quite good at both. From my earliest memory I was daily in the presence of live music. Of course I'd give anything to hear that again. 
Zappa's Uncle Meat vs. Uncle Meat.
Yes he would. 
My Music Hall CD 25 just died
As for the Mac Mini...you can run it headless quite easily (no monitor), and there are free apps available for both Apple and Android phones/devices that will manage the music playback. If you cant afford Pure Music(which runs Mac only), there are... 
My Music Hall CD 25 just died
Frankly, I'd make the move to computer audio. Lots of options, but I chose a Mac Mini, running Pure Music. Into a good DAC- of which there are many affordable examples available- it beats the sound of all my CD players. And I've had too many to li... 
Need Interconnect Advice
I would try a pair of Anti-Cables and see how they work for you. Very good, inexpensive, surprising performance. 
What should I do
Just one guy's opinion...Buy a Burson Soloist headphone amp and a pair of HiFiman HE-500 or Audeze LCD 2 or 3 (as your budget allows) and prepare to really enjoy the music. 
JJ Cale dies...
Great writer, musician and performer. Another great one gone. 
wyred 4 sound dac 2 or ps audio nu wave dac
You may want to check into the Asus Xonar Muses Edition. Yes Asus- don't laugh. Very good DAC. 
Anyone with cyrogenic treatment experience?
Ted Williams. 
AR the Turntable - worth it?
I owned that very table, using a Magnepan Unipivot arm. Sounded great for years. If the price seems good to you, I'd grab it. 
Tube amp s : Solving the base problem.
Sounds like delicious bass! 
Frank Zappa?
A truly gifted and unique musician. No one will ever fill his particular musical space, that's for sure. His abilities as a composer, lyricist, guitarist were profound. As an aside, I saw the "Zappa plays Zappa" tour a few years back and Dweezil d... 
Don't read you'll be sorry
"No one should ever have to pay $3,000.00 for a pair of cables. Agreed? "Think this through "Ty Cobb".Nobody HAS to pay for cables, nor does anyone HAVE to buy a stereo system for that matter.If someone CHOOSES to spend $3,000 for ANYTHING, why sh...