First reviews are in: dAck 2.0 DAC

Some of the early adopters of the 2nd generation battery operated non-oversampling DAC have received the first shipments of the dAck 2.0 with very favourable comments. I have compiled the links to these reviews on my dAck page.

Ack! Industries has also completely revamped its web site. The most important thing to remember is that their special promotional offering of the dAck 2.0 runs out on February 15, 2005. After that the price goes up from $695 to $795. It now includes a quality digital cable ($65 value) so that the base unit can basically had for $630. I think this is a reasonable increase over the Rev 1 version that used to sell for $525. I predict that the unit is going to be back ordered some 4 to 6 weeks (like the first unit) based upon the positive reviews to date.

I've also had a chance to evaluated their interconnect called "The Analog Connect" using the older Rev 1 dAck and my impressions are posted here. Enjoy.
I went to their new website and tried adding one to my shopping cart, but the e-commerce part of their site isn't operational yet. Hopefully, I can get a reply from them before the promotional deadline.