First TT

Hi all! I am just about ready to pull the trigger and get some wax spinning. A question I have though before doing so is would the Thorens TD-850 be a good choice if I'm looking to stay neutral "as in very little sonic signature"? I'm thinking it has the capability to not give me the upgrade bug in yrs. to come and can also accommodate and extract out the potentials of good arms & cartridges available.
thorens is very good, and very neutral. i would however take a look at the oracle paris for sale here on audiogon. if its as mint as it looks, you could spend a lot more and get far less. i have both thorens and oracle tables, and love'em both.
I had a Thorens TD-160 Super with a Grace 707 arm for my first table. Easy to set up and easy to use. I've since upgraded but that Thorens was a good place to start. I currently have a Sota, which can be very reasonable used. Also a great, well-built table.

How much is your budget? That would obviously make a big difference in what you buy.
Why don't you consider the Technics SL1200?
Cheapo TT but with a good setup becomes fantastic much better than many acclaimed audiophile TT
Thanks for the responses all, Grimace it's kinda funny as I always tend to keep an open mind type of approach when considering spending costs.(Dont like the idea of upgrading all the time) Robert Harley in the ultimate guide to Hi-End audio suggests to spend the extra on a well designed unit with the least sonic signature. Again I have found this book extremely reliable when looking for guidance in choosing components. Not impressed with fancy dials and cosmetics as much as performance and simplicity.
Just got my first turntable and it consists of a Sota sapphire table with a SME 309 arm and a Dynavector 10x5 cartridge (2.5mV output). What type of phono stage would you all suggest me consider for this rig? Are the battery designs a good idea? In the end I may just mail it cross country back to VTL for the MC option installation. Any advice or direction towards better research in selecting a unit is greatly appreciated. By the way, I do plan on visiting my local HiFi experts soon as well.

Thanks, Chris