Fix drawer mechanism on Denon 1560

Has anyone had experience replacing the belt on the drawer mechanism of the Denon 1560 cd players. This was purchased around 1990 and I plan on using it in my bedroom system. It opens, but the drawer must be pushed by hand to close. I have read that these drawers have this problem, but that the rest of the unit is built like a tank. I am interested in where I can purchase a replacement belt and how to fix this problem. Any information would be great.
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Or, the other possibility is a Micro Switch that is hanging up, or perhaps has gotten a bit of oxidation on it?

Just Saturday, I cured the nagging ongoing problem on my own CAL Audio Delta Transport, in which the Drawer would close instantly after opening it (Either with front Panel Switch, or Remote)

It had first been suggested here, that it may have been a bad Belt. That didn't cure the problem.

Later, in another group, it was suggested it may be either a Microswitch, or worse, the IC Logic.

It was the two Microswitches!

The Two little Paddle Micro Switches on my Unit were under the Drawer, and almost impossible to see, being camoflaged black, the same color as the rest of the Drawer Carriage, and Drawer. Once I found them, I gave them both a small shot of DeOxIt Cleaner/Lube.

I had previously replaced my small Belt, but this was not the fix. Your Belt may be fine, but you may also be getting slippage? Clean both Pulleys with Alcohol, and you might even get lucky just using a Rubber Rejuvenator on your Belt, such as used on Reel to Reel Rubber Pinch Rollers.

Lastly, this could also be a Front Panel Switch, and again, the use of DeOxIt here may also bail you out.
(If it also does this with the remote, then you more than likely know it isn't a faceplate mounted switch.)

Hope this helps you, and let us know how this all turns out. Mark
It would be my assumption, that Denon didn't make a new Transport Mechanism every year, and probably spit out the same stuff for years on end. Somebody here must know where Denon parts can be gotten! They probably used the same Belt for 10 years.

I suspect like many other mechanisms, this part (Belt) is a common part, looking like many others, which resembles a small black rubber band. A $5 item at most