Fix for Bluesound Node 2 and Powernode 2 wireless connection and drop-out problems...

I have found one solution to the problem many have experienced with the Bluesound Node 2 and Powernode 2 losing wi-fi signals in the home.

The solution is one, among many, that one could try if struggling with the Bluesound networking via wi-fi and dropouts or no connection problems I have read about.

I bought a TP-Link AC750 Powerline Gigabit Wi-Fi Kit. I know this is sold as a European and the USA version. This is both a wired and wireless access point to extend the Node 2 and Powernode 2 when your wireless router will not connect to these devices. It is not a new idea, but it is a novel possible solution that does work in many cases, particularly if you have a house, home or building where all your electrical wiring feeds into one breaker panel. The major advantage is that it makes a wired conection from your router out through the existing AC wiring in your home to the room where you have your Bluesound device.
It also could solve a wireless problem as well, since it does offer a dual- band wireless function essentially acting as an extender.

The device is easy to set up. Easy to use and somewhat affordable at under $75 US dollars. There are versions of this device for less.
BTW I have not had issues with the wireless function of my Node 2 but I had wondered how these powerline devices would work and since I bought one... it works very well.

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I went with a Netgear wireless transformer that allowed me to use a 5ghz connection instead of 2.5. Much less traffic on that band and no signal dropouts.\
I did notice in my setup that 5ghz was a better connection than 2.5ghz. It seems to go either way for me, but this is good info for all those who are having connection issues with the BS products.
BTW there was some initial reindexing of files (local library) I have on my NAS when I switched from wireless to wired. That took 30 to 60 minutes at first, now everything is working fine.
2psyop, thanks for the suggestion. I haven’t had any dropout issues with my BS but always wondered if using an Ethernet cable to the BS from this device could improve the sound quality. Any experience with this set up?
I use ethernet from my PC to my office rig and wireless to my main rig downstairs.
I really can't say if there is a difference, as I never tried the reverse. 
What I can say is that is sounds pretty good despite being a wireless signal. This is using Bluesound Node (1) and an Ayre Codex for both systems.

I recently tried out a TPlink AC house wiring extender.  I found it to be reliable, but the HF SQ was lacking, a bit out of focus.  Also, in my situation there was a low-level motorboat sound 100% of the time.  Not a high-quality solution IME.

A better one is to do optical:

Asus RP-AC68U Media Bridge -> 2X TP-Link MC200CM GB Media Converter -> multi-mode SC fiber up to 1800 ft -> AQVOX SE switch -> Ethernet to your DAC

Steve N.

Empirical Audio

I have not noticed a difference in SQ between my wireless or wired Bluesound Node 2 as of yet. I have had many hours listening to the Node 2 in a wireless situation, not nearly that many in a wired. I could potentially see any audio system revealing a noise coming through in the AC wiring, therefore the TP-Link or Netgear or other powerline system could? do that. In my home, I cannot detect any extraneous sound or detraction from my signal.... at least not now. YMMV?

My Bluesound system (Node 2i and Pulse Flex over Wifi) has been great when it works by unreliable with regular dropouts as well as group connection failures. Have been working with Bluesound support,they acknowledge they are looking into what could be causing the players to switch to the weaker access point within a network.

I am trying a powerline adapter, but the BluOS app (iPhone, Android and desktop) does not see the player. I verified that when I connect my PC to the network using the powerline cable all is well - I can stream and browse the internet. 
But when I connect the Flex or the Node2 to the powerline adapter I can't get the BluOS app - iPhone, Android OR PC - to detect the players. They do not show up in the app or in the wifi list. When I disconnect the players from the adapters I can get the apps to detect them over wifi again, but I have the dropout issue.

I brought the Flex into my office where the router is. I read the troubleshooting article and am at the step where the Flex is connected directly to the router using an ethernet cable. I did a factory reset (I have done this so many times I am a pro at it ) and still none of these apps can find the player. The  LED on the Flex is blue so it should be discoverable by the app.
Any ideas on how to get the app to connect to the Flex so I can add the player?

Once I get the Flex player added while it is directly connected to the router is there anything I should know or do when I relocate to the powerline adapter and try in the room where I want the speaker set up?

Thanks, Al