Fixed my power problem for $140

Good news - bought a Dehavilland preamp and it is amazing.

Bad news - every time my electric space heater clicked on or someone used the microwave or anything that draws lots of current, I would hear a pronounced click through my speakers - like a relay click. Loud. So I think the power dips were causing a relay inside the preamp to trip/reset.

Good news - after some search and a refusal to spend $1000 on an esoteric power conditioner, I found Furman. I ended up getting the PL-8 C. And problem solved. Woohoo. I can't say I noticed an improvement in the sound per se, but I usually listen with everything else in the house off - lights included. But now I don't have to worry about those things or my teenage daughter microwaving a burrito.


I had something close to that happen in my shop setup. Come to find out at the breaker box I had a bad or burnt, bus bar. The breaker contacts to bus were arcing on ONE rail. The old owner ran an old AC arc welder (70s) out there. burnt the bus.  I never noticed until I set up a pretty good system out there.  Oh yea, snap, crackle pop for sure. Everything but sounding good. I added voltage maintenance, and cleaners and it worked until one night I opened the panel and SAW the little light show going on with every bass note at about 100 db. LOL Now, hee hee, look out..Crazy stuff for sure...

Regards and good hunting..
I forgot, the repair was a pure copper bus bar out of a 14 dollar Home Depot sub panel, and about an hour of swearing while replacing it..LOL