FM radio enthusiasts

If you are thinking about putting up a directional antenna array to pull in distant stations, i just ran across a KILLER deal at Rat Shack. They have recently come out with their "new & improved" antenna rotor and as such, are closing out last years model. I was able to pick up a fully functional store demo, which includes the rotor and control box, for $3 at a local store. While most stores will only have one store demo, you might be able to snag it if you get a move on it. Otherwise, you may have to pay a little more for the discontinued but still sealed in box units that may be left in stock. These will work fine for most large directional FM arrays and / or TV antennas. If you are in a very windy area, you might want to compare the brake rating of this rotor with the wind load rating of the antenna that you plan to install. Using a rotor that is not up to the task will result in a lot of frustration. Hope this helps and someone else is able to snag a good deal : ) Sean
Thanks for the tip! Unfortunately, my local radio shack says that the current rotor has been current for some time, and that there is no older stock to put on sale. The Radio Shack website doesn't list a sale either. So it appears that this good deal (current rotors sell for $70!) isn't available to most of us anymore.
Ehart, drop me a line. I may be able to pick one up for you if you don't mind covering shipping. It would still be WAY cheaper than buying the current model rotor. Sean