Focal Electra 1038Be Quality Control Issues?

Curious if any 1038Be owners have had cabinet vibration issues with their speakers? Took delivery of a brand new pair a month ago...on female vocal the cabinet starts resonating so loud you can hear it from your listening seat. Focal sent another pair, same thing but not quite as bad as the first pair. So, I am now sitting with a pair that still don't function properly, as I am to wait for Focal to take apart the first pair to see what in the assembly process is going wrong! I had shown interest in a pair of Scala Utopia V2's if they would make me a very good deal...all things considered. The dealer said they would sell me V1's for $26,500. V1's have been discontinued because of too many customer complaints regarding the, top dollar for a discontinued speaker after Focal not being able to supply me a functioning pair of 1038Be's!!! I will not be going near another Focal product!!
I've had 1038's for a couple months now & haven't noticed any resonating issues, whether it's Alison Krauss, Nora Jones, or Diana Krall they all sound incredible.
Let us know how you make out.
I would wait to see what Focal has to say about the first pair of 1038s. Taking them apart to find out what's wrong and giving you a loaner pair while they do it is not exactly bad service.

I haven't heard of this resonating problem before but I can see why you would be a little put off by getting 2 pair with the problem. Let us know how it all turns out.
I have no expierence with Electra line, but I have instaled few pairs of Utopia III floorstanders (both Scala and Maestro) and their enclosures are close to deadly silent as well as finish.
The dealer initially sent a tech man down to investigate with instruction from Focal. He found that on each speaker there were two stripped screws that hold the side panel to the main cabinet. When certain vocals are played such as Gail is quite audible! Second pair has a much better midrange, hence aren't vibrating as much...but still do! Time line is about a couple of months to wait this out for an answer. Something in assembly has gone wrong...they don't do it with all vocals...Krall, Holly Cole, Nora, etc. seem not to resonate...but a few others certainly do!! I would think this to be rare in a speaker that has been out for so long!
I'd get yourself a sweep frequency response test recording starting out in the low 20hz range that sweeps continuously up to the high frequency range. If there is any vibration caused by the cabinet or resonance somewhere else in your home you'll hear it clearly at whatever frequency is causing the issue.

If you don't hear it on a sweep...then the problem lies with the particular recording, not the speaker.
I've heard noises I though might be coming from a rattling driver only later on I found the problem was not coming from the speaker but rather objects in the room that were vibrating at certain bass frequencies.
No any vibrating issues from my Aria 948 and they're a level down from Electra line. Rock solid. I'm listening primarily deep house.