Follow up re: suggestions for new speakers/monitor

I thank all who posted on my question, "suggestions for new speakers/monitors on 5/17. Based upon a couple of suggestions, I went out to demo some speakers. I listened to the Revel M20's and Sonus Faber concertino's.

I must say, the Revel's are hot! They sound superb! I know they would do the job of making me slowly forget my Martin Logan's in my small listening space. The Sonus Faber's were pretty nice as well, although the bass was not as present as I am searching for. However, the look and build of the Sonus Faber's were much what I am looking for in terms of aesthetics.

I have not yet had the opportunity to audition the Sonus Faber Concerto's. Wondering if any of you have experience with this model, and are willing to offer feedback on it.

At this point, I'm deciding between the Revel M20's, and the Sonus Faber's. I only listen to CD's on this system, through a Shanling tube CD player, and a Krell ss KAV300i w/ my new Chang LightSpeed. Type of music would range from classical to acoustic folk, to rock to jazz.

The listening space is approx 14x20 w/ 8' ceilings, furniture and two open walls leading to other rooms. Hardwood floors w/large area rug.

Thanks! All input appreciated!
My only beef with Revels are the break in time. They sound drastically different after 200+ hours. You may be quite disappointed with a new pair for your first 6 months.
SF Concertos will give you a bit more bass than the Concertinos, but they still roll off at about 50Hz. They are also more expensive than Concertinos. Go back to your dealer and listen to them side by side and decide for yourself if the difference is worth the price differential.
With regards to break in time...When I bought my speakers, I would put a cd in...program it to repeat over & over when I leave the house for the day...when I get back, it is 10 hours closer to break in. That plus my usual listening would have the 200 hours logged within 3 weeks.

just my 2c

I agree with the break in time, but 200 hours in no biggie. Had to do it again for my new monitors, as well. I loved the M20s. Amazing speaker top to bottom. They need a lot of juice to really shine. The Revel stands are poor and will not bring out the best in their speakers. If you call them, they so much as admit the same, but they want to keep the price friendly. So many audiophools go cheap on the stands. Kills the dymanics of a great speaker. Remember the stand is a significant, fundemental extension of the speaker. Something to consider when purchasing high end monitors. You'll love the M20s. I had auditioned the Sonus Faber, as well. You know which one I chose. peace, warren