Following up on sending my Simaudio Titan in for a tune up:)

First off I want to thank ALL who provided such great support and advice on my earlier post about this - and for MC for providing some great humor!

The folks at Simaudio - Bernard - could not have been any nicer, more helpful, and supportive. Excellent customer service! They certainly produce amazing gear and support it with some of the best customer service I've experienced!

My plan was to take a nice road trip and make a day of it and drop off at the factory in Canada (4 hrs and change drive). However Canada is not allowing outsiders into the country still at this point (I won't even comment about the insanity of this - even though I just did:). So at Bernard's suggestion I'm going to drive this baby up to their distributor in Lake Champlain NY. From there they get it to Sim and handle the paperwork, declaration, all that BS. The wife has never been to Canada so she was a bit disappointed we couldn't go all the way but NY will still be a fun little road trip..

Whilst I'm still not at all loving the idea of disconnecting, lifting, and being without my baby for up to 3 weeks, Bernard made some excellent points as to why it was a good idea (beyond changing the oil, air filter, spark plugs, etc - injecting some humor of my own:). And he was not wearing a salesman's hat either...Probably going to take next Friday off and make the trip...
good choice !!! ...I assumed all along that you lived in Canada when you mentioned driving to Sim...I've had work done by them, awesome company in my experience
My wife and I have gone on a couple of long drives for my audio passion. We went to Adirondack Audio in the Adirondack mountains in upstate NY. We also went to Audio Classics in Vestal NY. Both trips were around 300 miles each way. I have also been to both places alone a few times as well.

I remember when I sent a 100 pound Classe amp back to the factory in Canada, twice for cold solder joints on a brand new amp. I found Glenn Grue at Classe to be quite testy the second time it went back. He told me he lost money on my amp because it needed warranty repairs. He got even madder when I told him their QC must have been off the day my amp was built. I also told him if the techs let the amp run for a week after they fixed it, they would have found the additional cold solder joints. The amp was a $2999.00 Classe 15 amp. This was in 1998. Imagine what the amp would be priced at now.

Best of luck sending the amp out and back.  I am sure it will be ok.  I was without my system for 5 weeks when I had those problems and I was so moody! It was so bad, my wife told me to go out and buy a small system to tide me over. I did not take her up on that.
Thanks @stereo5 ! Appreciate you sharing your experiences. I am truly dreading being without my system (Sim said about 3 weeks), but I do feel not only will it come back sounding even better, but I'll now know she has a clean bill of health!

LOL on about the wife suggesting buying a smaller system to get you through - I have had the same thoughts!