For ARC lovers, Problems?

I had a ref 6 which I liked a lot and had no problems with. I upgraded to the ref 10 which sounded appreciably better but I ended up with a number of problems that I could no longer tolerate. I have a new pre which is very good but is not nearly as exciting as the audio research sound.
From your experience with Audio Research is this a good idea going back to the ref 6 with the hope of upgrading it to the SE? Or will I regret it due to reliability issues? There are pages on Audiogon concerning ARC reliability issues and I don't want to jump feet first into another expensive audio quicksand.
Any opinions or advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

I haven't had reliability issues with ARC equipment even after many decades of ownership. It sounds like you purchased your ARC gear used, so perhaps that's part of the problem.
For a great sounding and reliable tube preamp try listening to Nagra Classic or Luxman (CL-38 or CL-1000)

I used to own Audio Research and now own Luxman

I have owned ARC gear for over 30 years and have not had any reliability issues. Some years ago I had a 6550 go that took out a resistor, but that is about it. I have had absolutely no problems with my Ref 5se going through tubes. My Ref 2se either. The Ref 10 was probably just a fluke. Maybe a poor batch of tubes or something. Was the Ref 10 sent in for service to the ARC factory? They are usually very thorough.

 I have had other gear in my system from time to time but always went back to ARC. There is just nothing that compares to the sound of their preamps.  I would go for the Ref 6se if you can. Long term I doubt you will be satisfied with something else.

I have been using ARC products for over 30 years and had almost no problems, and great service the one time I had to return a piece for repair (which was due to an error on my part).