Must read/enjoy for 300B.... and all tube lovers


Great read, thanks for the post. Now I fully understand the reliability issues with the earlier Elrogs, was always interested in purchasing, too many reported failures kept me away.

Coincidentally, I was also running AR SP9 back in same time frame, went to Joule Electra LA100 MKIII which blew away the AR. I also was into 845 tube, used 845 amps exclusively for perhaps fifteen years, and then I find the 300B!


Lots of nice 300B's these days, good to see Elrog's continuing research with this tube.


Thanks for providing the link for this very insightful article. Typical high level Thomas Mayer detailed and educational writing. I owned the original first production run of the Elroy 300b tubes. I had 3 pair fail in my SET mono blocks over about a 7 month period. Excellent sound but utterly unreliable. 

I'm so happy to know that Thomas Mayer has thoroughly revamped the tube and solved the issues. Congratulations to him for his efforts and continued success.