For Moody Blues fans

I've seen the Red Rocks and Albert Hall DVD concerts but here is one I stumbled on from Youtube called "Live from the Isle of Wight" from 1970.

It's not a straight concert, more a documentary but if you are a fan I think you will enjoy it. Remember, it was recorded in 1970 so don't get you hopes up for top video and audio quality but I thought it was pretty good.

A little over an hour long and streamed it iMac>Apple TV>60" Plasma with no problems.
Glad you guys liked it.

Rgs92, How good do their SACD's sound? I have their first 7 albums done by
MFSL. Those sound excellent.
Nice! THanks!

BTW, Justin Hayward small venue solo tour this fall! My favorite venue where he will be is already sold out but I will be eyeballing that!
JW also has a new solo album out that I think his fans would enjoy. Haven't heard the whole thing yet but some nice new tracks have popped up so far. Very good sound quality!
Check out Michael Pinder and the infamous mellotron live in that video. Not many of those around anymore these days, replaced by synthesizers. Far out!