For owners of Allnic phono pre amps

Any opinions of the new H6500? I was wondering how compared to the old H3000.

I understand the H5500 is closer to the H1201.

I'm looking to get something comparable to the H3000.

Would this mean I need to go for the H7000V?

Thanks for any thoughts or opinions you have.


I was trying to find a used 1201 for years. Really hard to come be. Ended up with a Hagerman Trumpet instead. 

I’m not an owner, but it seems to me that before you’d pay the high cost you would want to be sure the built in SUTs are of the highest quality, because that’s what you’re paying for. For that kind of money you can buy the best of the best outboard SUTs ( more than one of them) plus a world class MM stage. But I’ve always been impressed by Allnic build quality and reviews are positive. I do own a Silvaweld H550 phono stage, and I can say that Mr Park knows how to design an excellent tube based PS. (Silvaweld was Park’s company before Allnic.) Also, the sound quality of the H550 is superb with MM cartridges. Interestingly in light of the Allnic phono stages, the Silvaweld uses a FET for MC gain stages, no SUT needed.

I love my Allnic H3000 after living with a 1201 for a while. Both are cut from the same cloth but the H 3000 clearly outperforms 1201.  Both are built like tanks and easy on the tubes.I have had the H3000 for  years and do not anticipate upgrading anytime soon.