For Pass fans who know the product fairly well.

I need a stereo amp as I've gotten a new high end pre.

I wanted to know the differences between the .5 series and the .8 beside the price. I was looking at either a 250.5 or .8.

I've been told the .5 has a warmer sound where the .8 is more analytical.

Anybody have any opinions on these two series and their characteristics and which they prefer?

Thank you.



I owned the X260.8's (and XP-22) for a few years and loved the sound they provided - clear, warm, and impactful even at lower listening levels. I never owned the .5's, but did hear that the older version was a little warmer, compared to the .8 counterparts.

I also heard that folks preferred the .5 amps for the XA line (class A), but the .8  amps for the X line (class AB). Small tidbit, as of a couple of years ago, Pass would still make the .5 amps for customers. I would imagine that is still the case but don't know for sure. Hope this helps.