Forward or recessed sound?

I'm listening to 2 amps one is very forward sounding the other is more recessed sounding, which sound do you prefer? I myself have always had the more recessed sounding amps and have enjoyed them so this is completely different sounding to me, not bad just different.
I'd pick recessed sounding of the two. One amp might be "mos-fet" and the other "bi-polar." I really like my Adcom 5002 which is "bi-polar." Different sounding than the mos-fet Rotel amp I used previously. 
Agree with zavato, if the sound is just forward or just recessed, then it must be very 2 dimensional. A good amp should have layering sounds from upfront to the rear.
Even with great layering, if it is all upfront or all recessed, that still sounds like it is somewhat 2 dimensional with not a much depth.
I'm listening to some Jane Siberry and want to wrap my arms around her, that's how 3 dimensional the sound is, this with the forward sounding amps. Truly I'm talking about a different sonic perspective.
That depends on why the amplifier takes on the stage that it does. Warm bold forward sound turns me off as does a lazy laid back tone. However I'm happy with either dynamic & sparkly or a neutral 'just the facts' presentation.

In point so long as the midrange doesn't overpower the other bands I'd declare a slight preference for forward.
I prefer a more laid back (recessed?) presentation over a more forward presentation.
Everything I listen to sounds different…generally good to great (since I have fabulous taste and reference grade gear…whatever that means) with forward or not or middling or something else sound. All different, generally recorded in vastly differing venues or studios by different people, with differing styles of music…this is what great hifi is…exposing differences in recordings through allowing detail to get out there. If things start sounding similar, you're in big trouble. Or small trouble…some kind of trouble...

All else being equal; neither.

But, in the real world it depends on the speakers, etc..