Found the ground loop hum source, how to fix?

I have finally gotten around to locating the source of my annoying ground loop hum. I found that when I unplug the coaxial cable that feeds the cable box (actually uverse) the hum goes away.

So, with this knowledge, what is the best way to eliminate the hum in my system?

Jensen VRD-1FF

VRD-1FF data sheet

Or equal

Install the isolator between the incoming CATV coax cable and the CATV receiver box. You will need a short RG6 coax cable jumper.
Or use the Viewsonics VSIS-EU ground loop isolator. It works just as well as the Jensen at less than half the price. You can find it on
Had a somewhat similar problem which occurred out of the blue. Hum coming from the antenna cable feed into my tuner. Changed the short screw on cable to a push on. It worked, tuner performance stayed the same.