Franco Serblin Ktêma Loudspeakers

Who owns them and who heard them at Axpona in the Air Tight room? Personally I thought they sounded amazing. 


I don’t own them, but they were one of Franco’s better designs, and that says a lot.

They are a fantastic speaker created by a great designer. The problem is the distributor here in the US along with an ineffective dealer network. How do I know , I tried purchasing them a couple of times last year and ran into a brick wall. I ended up purchasing a set of speakers that were in the same price as the Ktema's and was treated much better by that company and the dealer. Just my opinion of course ........    


I also heard them for the first time on Sunday. I found them too "honey" toned with the Air Tight gear. Still sounded great but the potential is there with a top level SS amp for an end game speaker!

@dayglow agree but on Saturday they were using the large PP 100+ watt Air Tight monos, much better control of the bass, better slam, sounded like a totally different speaker compared to the SE monos used Sunday


I heard the mid range model -$20k MSRP paired with an older Pass 350.5

at Seattle Stereo a couple months back and thought they were better than the Sonus Faber product.

I listened at the show in the smaller room and thought they would have been better served using the other model. 

They are an end game speaker in my mind.