Frank Sinatra at The Sands-Live........

I was not a big fan of Frank Sinatra but I found an album of his in my late uncle's collection (that my cousin graciously let me take). It was "Frank Sinatra", Reprise 1022. When I heard it I realized that my dislike for his voice was quite misplaced! I have gotten a few more of his LPs & have enjoyed them from time-time.
Just last week I found the "Frank Sintra & the Count Basie Orchestra at the Sands-Live", Reprise 1019 double-LP. When I bought it I had no idea what was in those grooves! Yest. & today I played this double LP & what an A-W-E-S-O-M-E 2 LPs these are!
Count Basie & his orch. does an absolute bang-up job of supporting Frank Sinatra & Frank, himself, does a stellar job of singing his songs! I have very few words to describe this LP-I'm virtually speechless! I was very lucky to get this double-LP set as it has never been played before! No spindle marks & no stylus marks on the LP!
Does anybody out there have this Frank Sinatra double LP? Do you guys also feel the same way about the music therein? Any other such stellar Frank Sinatra LPs I should be looking for? Thanks!
I actually listened to this last week. It's great and was recorded at a time when his voice was at it's best to my ear. I've got a lot of his albums and occassionally take a listen but honestly don't listen to them often enough to make the type of recommendations you're asking for. They are so plentiful and inexpensive that any mistake you make in buying one would be a very small one. Try Tony Benett too. This guy has phrasing like nobody else.
Lugnut nailed it. Try and get a copy of "The Voice" and "Songs for Lovers."

Tony Bennett may not have all of Frank's instant appeal, but he shares his diction and can turn a phrase like nobody else. Enjoy!
Took me awhile, but finally, after listening to my Dad rave for years, I got into Sinatra. When Sinatra recorded Strangers in the Night (acutally, his voice deterioration happened long before that) his voice was way over. Go back to the mid to early 50s and late 40s if you really want to hear (greatness) what this guy was all about. Amazing. peace, warren
I am a Sinatra fan, one of my favorites is The summit live in Concert. It may not be the best recording or the best songs, but both are good, and the three of those guys(Frank, Dean and Sammy) are so entertaining! When I listen to that disc, I feel like I am in the audience- they had some GREAT synergy with that crowd for some reason. I have it on a DCC gold CD, I am not sure if its available on LP but if it is, check it out. Also "Songs for swingin' lovers" is a good one and I believe the LP is fantastic!

Others that are similar, of course Tony Bennett, but there are two young guys, Michael Bauble and Peter Cincotti who may follow the foot steps of Tony and Frank.
Frank was the coolest of cats, man. And I mean that! This will seem odd but I had only casually listened to a Frank song here and there and enjoyed a few of the specials aired on PBS. Then, MY SON (when he was 16) got me to listening more closely to some sides HE had bought.

BTW, Frank claimed that Tony Bennett had THE best voice.
I own the cd-version of this Sinatra release, pretty good, even in cd form. As for tony Bennet, try the SACD version of his Unplugged recording...pretty nice vocals and sonics !
Don't forget Mel "Velvet Fog" Torme. With Buddy Rich on the album "Together Again for the First Time". Mel just kept getting better with age.....
A Sinatra CD that was issued in 2002 and is worth dying for is "The Rat Pack Live at the Sands", Sinatra together with Dean Martin and Sammy Davis jr. Capitol 7 2435 36615-2
I worked as a stagehand at Radio City Music Hall and had the pleasure of doing all of his concerts. He was the best of the best and the closest way to capture him as he sounded on stage is with vinyl, believe me I tried and cd's don't come close. I probably have over 35 of his albums besides the ones listed above you might want to try Sinatra and Strings, The Concert and my favorite Francis A. & Edward K.
Yes, I own this set of his among others. I've seen a few reviewers over the years tout it as a reference disk for sound (though it's not perfect by any means), but you're right about the performances on it (just skip the 'comedy' routine though after you've heard it for the first time...) - I prefer it to many of his more popular studio efforts.