Franko Serblin Acordo Essense

Hi All, 

I have listend to a bunch of different speakers and been stuck on the Sonus Faber Serafino's Gen 2. To my ear they just have a fantastic sense of musicality with a good amount of detail. They do not have the Wilson abundance of detail, but to my ears the musicality wins out.  

I have not been able to listen to the above Serblins and that might be difficult, I was wondering if anyone has and been able to compare them to the Serafino's 






If judging by price, you should try to listen and compare Serafino with larger, more expensive model of Franco Serblin’ speaker, which is Ktema and not Accordo Essence. By than, I guess you should have no more doubts, as Ktema is end game speaker for mortals. I admit, I am slightly biased toward Serblin’s speakers, since he has sold Sonus Faber and started his new company. Used to own more than few SF speakers, now I prefer Serblin’s models (have Accordo)

Thanks. Yes, I was going on price to get some apples to apples.. But honestly, also on looks. The Ktema's are not that good looking and I feel at this price range, looks matter. Even if I liked wilsons, they would not make it in my house.