Fraudulent Retail Websites

I am posting this in a few forums to boost awareness.

Thought I would share with you guys there are at least two fraudulent retail websites peddling high end gear at ridiculous prices.  Unfortunately, one of my customers actually tried to buy something from them and is dealing with the replacement of his credit cards, etc...  These are scams that fit the formula outline here.  


Don't Fall For Fake Shopping Websites - What To Know (


Remember folks, if a deal seems to good to be true, it probably is.  They seem to be scraping the web for any audio product they can find.  Here are the two I have found so far.  I am intentionally not linking to them since it is Fraud.


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Thanks for sharing and as the actual OEM it sure makes sense you’d know your own distribution, costs and dealer network. Further having a customer get scammed, the sites copying other sites etc all adds up to fraudulent activities. @cleeds not sure why you’re so adamantly questioning Verdantaudio when he/they are the actual OEM? Tracking grey market activity is pretty easy actually- we did it 20 years ago when we were a large dealer group in NYC/NJ (Harvey Electronics). It’s easy enough to track serial numbers- if you sell s/n 1234 to an authorized dealer "A" and then find s/n 1234 for sale or actually purchased from a non authorized (Grey market dealer "B"), then "A" sold it out the back door to "B". If "B" is advertising the product but never delivers (because it’s a bait / switch item) then its still highly sketchy.

Thanks for this.


I’d brought this up in a post a few weeks ago.  I looked into the company’s bona fides by using “” and also looking at the address - mapping the actual location of the “company.”

In both cases ownership of the website/URL was relatively new (within a year), the site hosted by Godaddy (who I’ve used for about 15 years) linked to  overseas owners traced to Singapore and Hong Kong while the actual “warehouse” turned out to be a small suburban home. Not very likely a legitimate operation.

While possible that someone is reselling returned or overstock or “going out of business/large lots items” a pair of vacuum tubes normally selling for upwards of $400 offerred for $77 is, at a minimum, odd.

No, I didn’t buy, just posted the info as a warning to others.