Coda Audio Video based in San Francisco is running a fraudulent operation

Buyer Beware...hopefully nobody else gets in with these people, this company or any new company involving the individuals below.

My story goes like this. I was searching Audiogon for some used Raidho speakers over the summer. I had seen a couple good deals that I just missed (my occupation keeps me from hovering on Audiogon and I tend to miss out). I came across an advertisement from the dealer Coda Audio Video ( Their feedback looked excellent on Audiogon, their website listed 3 California locations ( and even non-audiogon reviews were good as was their BBB rating, and they seemed to have a lot of social media presence and a high rating on their Facebook page.

I started the dialog regarding the above advertisement here on Audiogon; the speakers in the ad had sold. I ended up calling and speaking to a knowledgeable person about the speakers and I eventually settled on getting a pair of Raidho D 3.1’s. I offered a payment plan, we discussed maybe me trading some of my equipment toward the price but we eventually settled on and agreed to a specific price and a payment plan (all of it documented as an audiogon email discussion). During this discussion period, Items were still being advertised and sold by Coda and there even appeared to be ongoing positive feedback (it took a few weeks for me to agree, based mostly on my own process of gathering enough information to make a good decision for the speakers I wanted).

My proposal was a down-payment of just over 1/2 of our mutually agreed total cost followed by about 9 monthly installments. Everything seemed to be going smoothly and on the right path. As I have done in the past for other equipment on Audiogon without a problem, I wired the down-payment. Again, at this time, I had no reason think anything was amiss as communication was quite good. I also made the (faulty) assumption that these high ticket items must be represented by reliable and respected dealers.

My payment was deposited around the end of July. I was first told:
"Everything is in place. The D-3.1 are currently on back order and will be ready to ship to us at the end of august if all goes to plan with Raidho Acoustics...

Coda Audio Video"

Having no indication anything was amiss, I wired a second payment near the end of August and asked, " Can you do me a favor and send me an invoice? You can send it to my email (j**** so I can reference an invoice number when sending payments. I would much appreciate it" after which the following exchange took place:

August 25, 2016 20:44

Thanks John, I will email you the complete invoice once we have the serials numbers of the speakers!


August 25, 2016 20:45

The shipping date for the 3.1 looks like it will be shipped starting on September 5th. Just FYI

jgm (you)August 25, 2016 20:50

Thanks for the info Kelly, much appreciated.

August 25, 2016 20:52

You are very welcome. I will let you know once they are shipped out to us. Once we receive them, we will forward them to you.

Then, unfortunately, everything went awry. Silence followed until I inquired in mid September. Coda responded by asking if I was going to Rocky Mountain Audio festival since we could meet there but I could not go. I called and spoke to a Justin Hutto and was told "we’re working on this as we speak." After RMAF ended I contacted them again here on Audiogon asking for updates of if the speakers shipped, if they had serial numbers or an invoice...for which there was no response. I called again and was told "we’re working on your speakers." When I would check, it appeared that Coda was selling and still getting positive feedback here on Audiogon. I didn’t send any additional payment (although none was "due") and I messaged them again in Mid October but by that time, the Coda Audio Video name was no longer available on the email string at Audiogon (the name had changed to "Standardsound" which appeared to be engaged in commerce and having good feedback).

Below is how it went will all telephone conversations between myself and Mr. Justin Hutto (who describes himself on his Facebook page as the speaker salesman for Coda Audio Video):

jgm (you)October 19, 2016 15:18

I notice there’s been a name change from Coda Audio Video to standardsound but you appear to still be active here on Audiogon. Since I haven’t heard back I thought I would try calling. I called the number below (415-205-1053) but that lead me to a mailbox that was full and not taking any messages. I called Coda Audio Video’s direct number (415-966-2838) and left a message. I trust you are between audio shows and might be able to help me with where things stand. Your last comment below was a little vague (not sure what you meant by "working on things"). I have searched my email and don’t find any new update from Sept 22nd. Again, you initial thought was that they would ship to you on or about Sept 5th. Can you please provide an update with regard to the speakers? I was holding off and the next payment thinking that I might get an invoice with serial numbers as you mentioned previously. Appreciate your time.

Thanks, John

jgm (you)October 19, 2016 21:38

I called 415-205-1053 again this afternoon and now I get a message that this is a non-working number.

Thank you for calling me back just now [Justin Hutto]. Just to reiterate, you confirmed with me that I should be receiving an invoice and the speakers by the end of the month. I should expect tracking info in 7 days +/- obviously in order for that to happen.

I am sorry you have had a health issue. I hope it is resolving and that you are recovering. I am also sorry you have had some major company and personnel changes. Hopefully things will go smoother for you in the future.


John M

jgm (you)October 25, 2016 19:44

I realize it has only been 6 days - do you have an update?

Response:standardsoundOctober 26, 2016 00:17

Hello John,

Please contact Coda Audio Video at or 415-966-2838. Thank you

I called Mr. Hutto again and wrote the following to document the conversation:

jgm (you)October 28, 2016 22:05

"I called you yesterday afternoon and when you answered, you stated, "We’re working on it". You said you would call or text me later, you did not. I called and left a message on your voice mail last night about 6pm California time, requesting that you call me either that night or today. Still haven’t heard from you. I called the Newport Beach number: 949-432-4920 and got the message "not taking any calls".

As evident from this email exchange, you have been "working on it" for over 1 month. Initially, I was told they would ship to you on or about Sept 5. As I stated in my voice mail, I am growing weary of the vague responses - I have no idea what "working on it" means and you have not been clear.

I need clarity and some kind of definitive answer:
Where are my Raidho D3.1’s?

I am going to email Raidho direct and inquire about any orders placed by your company for the speakers I requested."

SO, after emailing Raidho direct, I confirmed that no speakers had been ordered or were on order by Coda Audio Video (despite the months of ongoing assurances that the speakers had been ordered, as of the end of October NOTHING had been ordered). The actual owner of Standardsound called me and informed me that Justin and "Coda" were locked out of Standardsound (which was now a separate business entity).

I searched for and found Kelly Tessmer, the legal business owner of Coda Audio Video in San Francisco. I have contacted her now twice and have received no response (and it was into her account that my money was deposited). I have had several bizarre interactions with Mr. Hutto. Despite all of this, I offered to work out an arrangement with Raidho where I would send the remainder of what I committed toward the purchase directly to Raidho if Coda/Justin/Kelly were willing to send the remainder, or, just give me a refund.

Of course, as of today, there is no evidence that a refund is in the works or that money has been sent to Raidho.

When I look closer at the review of Coda on facebook, it is by Justin Hutto (good thing he reviewed his own sham operation).

Obviously I should not have wired any money and I clearly will need to resort to legal action. I would NEVER due business with Mr. Justin Hutto or Ms. Kelly J Tessmer ever again and would recommend the same for my Audiophile brethren. It is such a shame. In all my years of being on Audiogon and buying/selling (I joined in 2001), despite a few transactions which were less then seemless, I have never been taken by a Dealer, much less a dealer with a long history of positive feedback on Audiogon...which makes me wonder about some of that feedback and it’s legitimacy.
128x128Ag insider logo xs@2xjgm
My name is Billy Franklin. My account is listed under I am responding because i have had an experience almost exactly like yours. I spoke with Justin at Coda Audio Video and was told i could purchase an upgrade of my Raidho D5s. I, like you and based on positive feedback from Audiogon, wired nearly $33,000.00 to Coda who assured me they had scheduled my upgrade. I got multiple replys and phone calls telling me the upgrade was scheduled but it just never happened. I contacted Raidho and was told they never received any money from Coda for the upgrade. They have offered to perform the upgrade for the cost of materials provided i forward them the balance if Coda ever does issue the recently promised refund. I was hoping the fact that they performed interstate fraud would allow for the FBI to get involved? My phone number is(512) 845-1335 if you would like to connect in taking action against Kelly j Tessmer and Justin Hutto. Please text first as my phone messages tend to accumulate while i am seeing patients. My e-mail is is you prefer to text comment. Thankyou for posting. I am not happy you were also ripped off by these people but it helps to have another party involved in getting these people off the street.
Horrible ! Unite together and get an action going. It seems like they spent your money and went under . I hate hearing this ...
best of luck truly .
I am a cple hrs north of s.f myself 
I read your story and empathize with your situation. Everything sounded so legitimate that anyone would have been fooled, so don’t beat yourself up. I read these stories too often here and it confirms my philosophy of cash and carry, whether buying or selling. Wiring funds is really a crapshoot, and puts you at risk of just this sort of thing. I live near San Francisco, but I’m not familiar with Coda or Standardsound. If it were me, I’d be in a car or on a plane, searching for Justin Hutto to confront him. This stuff has to stop! I hope it ends well for you.
So sorry to read this.  It's getting so you can't trust even some of the big boys anymore.  I have been very lucky, I only deal with old and established brick and mortar stores and I haven't gotten ripped off yet here with 102 transactions under my belt.  Also, I would never, ever wire money.  I always pay by CC as you at least have some recourse.
Doctorxx, I am also sorry you have been taken by these persons. I had briefly heard about another person with a Raidho problem...I am very sorry it was you. I will text you and hopefully we can pool our resources and take these people to court. Thanks Oleschool, Tonykay and Stereo5. Had I any reason to be even the slightest bit concerned, I would have insisted on a different form of payment. In retrospect, I certainly should have! 

The thing about this, it is the first time I have been severely ripped off ($17,500) by an Audiogon dealer. Again, there have been a few bumps along the way, most minor. This to my mind point to a larger problem on this forum. Is feedback legit? Has this happened before? How do we know what's real? And really, this is such a small community of mostly like minded almost seems impossible.

I have a few things I will do. First, I will contact every audio-show organizer I can and forward the names of these two so they might be black listed. No-one else should be taken by these thieves and they should never be given a forum to solicit business. I will contact the San Francisco Audio Society (and all other california audio societies) and make them aware of these persons. Coda, Justin and Kelly all have social media profiles. I will see that Doctorxx's and my interactions get posted in their profiles for all to see.

I am composing my demand letter next. 
This story is horrible and so sorry it happened to both of you, has Audiogon at least suspended this "dealer's" account?
Thanks for posting your experiences with this company. I live in the SF area, and had even considered visiting their location which was listed on their website. A Google street-view, however, showed it to be somebody's house on Octavia St. a couple of blocks behind the SF Opera House. This seemed strange to me, as that's a purely residential block. It did make me wonder, and in the end I just never bothered. Good decision, it seems. Very sorry that you had to go through all this and certainly hope you're able to resolve the problem.
Sorry to hear about Audiogon members getting ripped off.
 The Coda Audio Video website is still up and working, so it looks like business as usual.
I bought a BAT VK 33 preamp from Coda about 45 day ago n used My CC 2 pay and everything went well..... Sorry 2 hear about Problem.
Justin Hutto is about as untrustworthy as anyone I have every dealt with on this site. One of his "stories", that his girlfriend, Ms. Tessmer (to whom I wired the monies), broke up with him and locked him out of the accounts. He maintained this story for months yet even yesterday he posted on Facebook a picture of both he and Ms. Tessmer arm-in-arm ( .

I am glad it worked for you Henrycai. Maybe it was the CC. Maybe it was because it was a straight Audiogon transaction. Maybe you got in before it went completely to hell. Coda used to have a Facebook page. It was taken down yesterday after I left a very negative review.

I sincerely hope others don't get taken - between myself and Doctorxx, were in for >$50k with nothing to show for it but a pack of lies, stall tactics and erratic text messages.

Thanks to everyone for the support. Does anyone know an attorney in CA who works civil cases?
Did Raidho state that Coda is, in fact, an authorized dealer? I'm not a lawyer but I think sending money to an AD is the same as sending it to the manufacturer. 
Guys,...very sorry to hear of this happening to both of you.  After many years in this hobby and on this site with no issues at all on the buy or sell side, I was hit by a scam seller as well who looked good up front. It was very painful,...certain website admins were of limited help and I am still pursuing this through a DA's office in NY and with the FBI as it is interstate. I wish you all the luck and good results in getting these scumbags brought to justice and getting your money, or your speakers, in your hands.  

Have your tried background check sites (paid reliable services only) or an actual PI to find out where these people now live?   
Not a legal expert but this sounds like wire fraud; you should both get in touch with the authorities. Also, based upon your posts, is Audiogon involved in assisting you?
Sorry to hear of this also.
This post should be moved to the speakers topic section for more of the membership to read... and be made aware of.
Is there any way to move it there or copy it? I think the forum needs a completely separate topic: Dealer Reviews or Dealer Experiences - some of us have had great experiences we'd like to share in addition to the really bad ones like this. I struggled with trying to find a place to put this and placed it here based upon another post.
Sorry to hear about this. I did purchase speakers from Coda Audio on Audigon May 2016, it was a weird process. At first they did try to get me to pay by Wire but I refused, went through Pay Pal. I did get the speakers and there was a little bit of run around that I chalked up to poor management. I tired to get some info, on the dealer C/A got the speakers from but couldn't (Warranty Info.) made me question where the speakers really came from. From what you have been through I consider myself lucky I actually got the speakers. Wish you the best with this.
Very sorry to hear this. Which guy in the photo is Hutto? I go to CES every year and I'd like to know if I see him.
Thank you for telling us about your experience. We truly need to beware!
Good luck to you and the Doctor. Hope you get your money back.
BTW, id Audiogon assisting you in any way? Seems they have some responsibility to help.
this is painful to hear and unacceptable. fortunately this things happens rarely in this comunity. I mostly deal with regular guys in the hobby and my experience it is great until today. Hope they get what they deserve.
Probly gonna get blacklisted but wasnt the gon sold to a company way over 👈 There 
I would just like 2 VK-33 was mailed from Lenox IL....the guys name is Asian.....I am guessing he is the owner of the VK-33 or a dealer in the area....meaning Coda never really never really saw the unit.....just listed it for him.....this should give everyone a good of how they operate.
This needs to be reported to Audiogon, if for no other reason than their rating system is being manipulated by a shell game of swapping store names.

 After 40 years involved in this hobby it's clear to me that quality people are associated with it. However, no matter where you travel on this beautiful planet you need to be so careful that trash doesn't ruin your photograph.
My wish is for a just resolution for all parties involved.
I think Audiogon has to do more in order to verify business operating on this site. Get further verification document or anything that can prove physical location, License, Trading partners, references etc etc.  I am from outside the USA, however I'm starting to learn that a lot of US companies I have dealt with in the past are also running online scams and frauds just as much as Asia & Europe.

This needs to be reported to a few online authorities and audiogon has to take action. Specially when these people are presenting themselves as Store Owners.
Legal action must be taken. Justin Hutto is a fraudster and needs to be thrown behind bars. 
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Probly gonna get blacklisted but wasnt the gon sold to a company way over 👈 There .. or just a rumor 
If you try a member lookup codaaudiovideo is not a member any more. They only had 4 posts. But that's not to say someone else from the company joined. After all their web site is still up
@edwardout   Welcome to Audiogon.  Glad you posted.  Please post your political opinions elsewhere.  

Legal action is the only thing you can use for this case. As long as you keep all the email communication, proof of transfer, etc. You got a case.
Hifiman5, could not agree more. Not an appropriate place. I deal with attorneys all over the country every day and know many good ones in CA. Feel free to give me a call or text, 4104194319. Very sorry to hear about this ridiculousness.
Edwardout's comment may not be appropriate in this forum...but it was quite funny! I'm sure Mr Hutton, Ms Tessmer and Coda will not get away with this.
Edwardout's comment may not be appropriate in this forum...but it was quite funny!
The reality is CROOK lost the election and Justin Hutton out of a job.

I was ready to pull the trigger on VERY expensive speakers from Standardsound ... Whew!    Best of luck getting your money back guys.
Yes Go to the FBI site they now have a fraud cyber crime division. 
File your claim, give it a few days and claim number if you  get one.
Call FBI in state of scam.   Just do it if they move to Canada 
10X hard to extradite.  Best of luck.
Yes Go to the FBI site they now have a fraud cyber crime division.
File your claim, give it a few days and claim number if you  get one.
Call FBI in state of scam.   Just do it if they move to Canada
10X hard to extradite.  Best of luck.
Just make sure the 6'8" guy is not in charge of the investigation.  Seriously, Best of luck!
Thanks again to all. Many great suggestions, including the FBI. I wondered about interstate commerce and wire fraud. I still think there should be a new forum here for dealer reviews which are outside of the usual rating system. This is also a unique situation since the original Audiogon verified dealer (Coda Audio Video) was dismantled just before the you know what hit the fan.
oregon572 posts11-11-2016 6:33pmVery sorry to hear this. Which guy in the photo is Hutto? I go to CES every year and I'd like to know if I see him.
Thank you for telling us about your experience. We truly need to beware!

In the middle.

After all of this (and including now seeing the above), Mr. Hutto has accused me of defamation (that's a both hands on the hips hearty guffaw knee slapper right there). He is now either trying to make amends, or, stringing me further along. If he/Coda/Tessmer provide a refund, I will update this thread.

As many of you have noticed, the website is still up and advertising very high ticket items. What's even more amazing are the links at the bottom of the website to, my personal favorite, a "100% satisfaction 30-day money back guarantee"...Maybe it doesn't apply to me since I didn't actually have anything delivered...despite my 0% satisfaction. Obviously, this has not been honored.  

cbrehm5 posts11-12-2016 6:33amHifiman5, could not agree more. Not an appropriate place. I deal with attorneys all over the country every day and know many good ones in CA. Feel free to give me a call or text, 4104194319. Very sorry to hear about this ridiculousness.

I may take you up on that, thank you for the offer.
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Breaking News, Wikileaks just revealed DNC is aware of this thread and Justin Hutton is the leading candidate for the open DNC chairman position.   Match made in heaven!
Ok that is just enough freaking politics this situation is sad enough without inflammatory and sophomoric pseudo political attempts at humor.
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Ok that is just enough freaking politics this situation is sad enough without inflammatory and sophomoric pseudo political attempts at humor.

Thank You!
knghifi - Please!!!  Keep your political views to yourself.  This discussion is far too important to pollute with ridiculous attempts at political humor.  I am sure most of us are completely unimpressed with the silliness of that comment, which was elementary school level at best.  Take it elsewhere!

What IS important is making sure people like this do not further sully our market. As a manufacturer this is very worrying to me, and others like me. We need to corner these rats and make sure they are trapped and led to prison.

Thanks for all the posted information about these people too. Hopefully it will help spread the news and prevent them from scamming others.

I very fortunately did not became involved with this business, but I almost did.... Now I know the "feeling" I had, was for a good reason. Usually I am not so good at detecting bad situations and as a result I have fallen for some.

Please keep us all notified as to how this progresses. Looking on Facebook and other places, it looks as if these people may be partying a bit with the proceeds~!

Going the legal route will be no party though. I’ve been there and it is nothing short of a long terrible experience. The best of luck to you Guys!
So let me tell you now about a story of bizarre derangement. I am about ready to post the text message conversation I have had with Mr. Hutto for all to see and judge for themselves, however, I will resist for momment. This rabbit hole goes very deep. Mr. Hutto states that after Ms. Tessmer’s contact info was posted, she recieved "a death threat". Naturally, he claims I am responsible for the threat although from there it gets a bit fuzzy. He seems to imply that because I either created this thread or allowed the post or who knows, I caused this threat. Although he won’t accuse me directly, the it’s clear from his ramblings that he suspects I had something to do with whatever he is claiming has occurred.

My first response to him was to report it to the authorities. Multiple other times i request he contact the polIce, the sherriffxs office, etc. Notwithstanding the obvious, that I have no control over who or what get’s posted here, I have recieved multiple text messages from Mr. Hutto all centering on yours truly as the perpetrator of said harrassment. Of course, this is all heresay, especially in the setting of multiple false statements, false claims and misrepresentations by my accuser who coincidently just so happens to owe me and Doctorxx a substantial amount of money back for goods and services not delivered. There are additional elements of the story which make it substantially more bizarre and ironically  so (the details of which I am also withholding for the time being).

Suffice to say I have not, do not, nor would I ever, perpetrate, endorse, support, advocate or condone threats of physical or emotional harm by any individual to anyone, including Ms. Tessmer or Mr. Hutto. There are legal avenues which I and everyone here have advocated, all of which are more than adequate means for restitution.

What a nightmare...
Ditto - the suggestion that Agon confirm the credentials of dealers and perhaps sellers who list items over  $10,000.  And, perhaps, require or offer performance bonding for expensive items.

May add to the cost of the service, but worth it.

PS:  For the record... I liked the one about "the 6'8" guy."