Free CD collection

Ive decided that between Vinyl and streaming Im just no longer interested in owning or storing CD,s, I haven’t even had a tranport in my system for years now. The collection of between 300 and 350 is pretty eclectic but if I had to describe it Id say Rock/blues/jazz mostly. If anyone  in the So.Cal area would like them PM me and they’re yours, I want  to give them to someone who would enjoy going through them and then adding them to they’re collection and I can’t handle (having) a garage sale anyway , Enjoy.


+1 @bikeboy52 . I'm no where close to where you live but applause your generosity! Well done. 

Good on you! Hope they go to a true music lover. If they areyoung/kid, even better...

@bikeboy52 i'm trying to PM you, but I'm not given the option.  You wanna try PMing, me, please?  I'm interested.   Thanks!

Just to make things perfectly clear to all following this thread and the moderators,yes I am giving Shtinkydog free of charge (no compensation) my CD collection as I no longer listen to them and would like someone to be able to enjoy them . Thanks.

Some things never change, 62 years old and still getting sent to the principals office.

a big thank you to bikeboy52.  met him this morning and he gifted me about 400 CDs.  its not always about selling.   there are some of us who still believe in giving away stuff for nothing.   a class act!  thank you, thank you thank you!


@shtinkydog Quite welcome hope there’s both some things you like and some things you’ve never heard before ,quite a bit of So Cal local stuff ,I remembered that there was signed  disc in there from the great Top Jimmy who was immortalized in the Van Halen song , Enjoy.