FREE ! DCM Time Frame TF 500 Speakers

One tweeter inoperative. Cosmetically good. Have pictures if interested. No boxes LOCAL PICKUP ONLY . Hate to throw these away, but need the room. Have been stored in a heated room entire life .

Zanesville Ohio
You can't advertise them here, even if they're free! You must place an ad in the classifieds. 
That's fine. They can take it down. I'm not advertising a sale. Dad might have had some ugly kids, but not ones stupid enough to pay to give something away ….
Understood, but if that's the case, you should take out an ad on
 us audiomart, because free or not, you can't do it here. 
It's to bad ya just can't do good deeds without someone trying to be a know it all. In  these trying times, I am trying to make somebody's day with a free set of working speakers. But I see you wanna be Mr. Rulebook and put a stop to such insanity. For being such a know it all, you obviously didn't realize that as soon as you posted on this thread you blocked me from editing it.  " Only discussions without any post are permitted edits". Next time private message the do good'er so he can make changes to the illegal postings . You will have to contact the proper authorities to have the post removed, which I'm sure you already have ...  
Thank God the police have arrived to straighten this out. SMH.  I am with nitrobob on this one. He is not gaining anything from this. Hopefully someone takes advantage of his generosity and gets those DCMs up and making music. 
I do think that he is very generous, and I commend him for it, but there are many generous people that want to share items that they no longer need, and if many of them did that on the forums instead of the classified ads it would be a problem. No insult was intended, but I am surprised that you weren't aware of it since you have been a member for a good while.
No harm done, and I hope that your speakers find a good home. 
Omg we are overrun with spell checkers, literary critics, and rule followers..  

btw the DCM are fine speakers and as I recall Madisound probably has a drop in replacement tweeter...,

almost worth driving to Ohio
Very nice offer nitrobob! If I were a little closer I would take you up on that. My very first pair of speakers I bought right out of high school in the late 80’s were DCM Time Frame 250’s, the baby brother of the ones you are offering. Up to that point I was using a really cheap Fisher system my sisters had been using. I remember agonizing between those DCM’s and Infinity’s at Circuit City (or was it Cerwin Vegas, can’t remember). The sales guys were really getting sick of me. I bought the DCMs for $400 bucks and I was in heaven. They are responsible for putting me on the path to becoming the obsessive and neurotic audiophile I am today. Thanks for the offer and best of luck.