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Speaker Identification
Hard to tell since it’s so small in the photo but I’m guessing Epos M12. Definitely looks like the Epos logo on bottom front.  
Affordable vs. ultra expensive speakers - what's the difference?
What’s the difference? Just in terms of manufacturing and parts quality there’s a huge difference. Aluminum enclosure, drivers made from billet aluminum, substantially better crossover components. Is it “worth” a $47,000 difference, or does it “so... 
What Google adds are flashing in front of you today?
For some really strange reason….bras. Perhaps they’re manssieres.  
Looking for an old Stereophile review ...
Any luck finding the article greg7? You have me curious as to which speaker it was.  
Polk Audio LSiM 705 Speakers question
The lsim’s are nice speakers. These were Polks top of the line prior to introducing the legend series. In typical Polk fashion they are going to have quite a bit of bass and a thick mid bass which I find very pleasing. Cabinets are built very well... 
Modifying PS Audio DirectStream DAC
Thanks bigby. I’m pretty stoked about this mod. I was reading the threads on this at ps audio site and it’s very reassuring to see Ted Smith on board with these changes. I went ahead and ordered the transformers last night but it looks like a 3 mo... 
Not manufactured any more.
“I could always get them going, I just never walked away happy that I did.. LOL” Now that’s funny! I’ve really enjoyed listening to the rattle somewhere in the passenger seat frame for the last 6 months.  
@oldhvymec do you work on crappy Hyundai’s?  
burn in - how important?
Absolute believer in burn in but there is also truth to becoming acclimated to a new sound over time. I’ve experienced both. I’ve listened to new items in my system for a day or two then have left the component/speaker to cook for a week or so wit... 
Best speakers around $130k?
If you can bump it up to $150,000, well then, now we’re talking real speakers.  
Modifying PS Audio DirectStream DAC
bigby, I was looking this over at the PS Audio site and the transformers seem to be a “relatively” easy part for part swap (soldering and de-soldering skills mandatory) but how difficult was it to wire in the Farad Super 3 into the analog board? ... 
Why Are People So Concerned About How Others Spend Their Money?
Because so many people can’t fathom why anyone would do anything different from themselves.   
DIY Replacing Components in Crossovers
Thanks for the responses guys. I’m going to do baby steps and start with replacing capacitors and resistors just to get a feel for the sound changes with each upgraded part. I’m not going to go crazy with parts expense but decent enough to get a f... 
DIY Replacing Components in Crossovers
Great advice guys. Very much appreciated! MC thanks for the links. I'll give that a study this evening. I wouldn't mind playing around with the inductors as well but I didn't see any values for those on the existing parts. I was simply going to d...