Free Lead Shot in Portland, OR (125 lbs)

Breaking down my system and wondered if anyone is interested in 125 lbs of clean fine grade lead shot suitable for filling stands. Obviously it's dangerous stuff to leave lying around but if anyone is interested would be good to give it away.

Also I'm looking for a new home for my custom LP and media storage racks -- I'm not bothered about the $$ I make and more interested in it going to a good home -- the listing is here and there's easy access (no stairs or corners) to get this stuff out and on to your truck

PM me if you're interested in any of the above
Man, those are some nice racks Simon! I see the drawers are made of Baltic Birch ply. Beautiful stuff. Somebody local jump on 'em!
Ah, lead, one of the worst materials ever foisted on gullible bright-eyed audiophiles 😳, right up there next to SONEX. And it seems like such as good material, too. Not too soft, not too hard. 🤗 Yes, I know what you’re going to say, “but my system sounds fabulous!” 🤗
I'm confident the OP had good intentions, but an offer of free hazardous material is of questionable value.

I suggest everyone take a pass.