Free MiniDiscs and portable player in Chicago area

I have shoe box full of Sony MD80, about 80pcs including 12 new.  Portable player in working condition, all very little used.  Free to pick-up in Schaumburg this month only.


Hi! I know I'm a bit late to this thread but was wondering if anything ever happened to these MiniDiscs and the Player? I've been super obsessed with MD the past year and though I live in SF would pay to have them mailed (and for your trouble) or anything like that! Totally understand if not, was just wondering :) 

@gvking   Unfortunately I will have many other chores (selling home).  I doubt I will have time to prepare and mail the package.

@arcticdeth  I'm in Florida, coming back to Schaumburg in the second half of March.  I will contact you then.