Free Online Room Mode Visualizer / Audiolizer

I got a comment on my blog, something along the lines of "I did the math and there’s no way you have a 33 Hz room mode."

Which of course was measurably not true and so I went looking for an online calculator to make it easier to prove my point. When I did I found this fantastic tool from AMacoustics which let’s you put in you room dimensions and let’s you see and hear each room mode.

There’s a couple of things you can use this for:

  • Speaker/sub placement
  • Listener chair placement
  • Bass trap/absorption selection and placement
  • Hearing the sound of the mode itself

This link includes my living room’s default measurements. It’s really interesting to see where the pressure zones are in relationship to the bass traps I have. My end goal is to make a U shape around my TV. Floor to ceiling, and along the floor behind my rack. You can see how that works out for me here.

Anyway, the tool is free, and useful so here you go.