Fritz Carbon 7 se vs Golden year Triton 5

 I wonder if someone can compare Carbon 7se to the new Triton 5?
 I'm looking for a second system , which has to be comparable to what I have now. I have the original Carbon 7, driven by Virtue audio Sensation amplifier with upgrated power supply.
 I looked at the new Carbon 7 se, and, unfortunately , the price is much higher.
 I listened yesterday to Triton 5 and liked them. I wonder, how they compare to 7se?
Thank you 
I can't give you a comparison to the Golden Ear, but if it's helpful, here's my recent review of the Carbon 7 SE, which I thought was quite great:
I am sure you have done your research, but if not, there is also :

I consider the two, Carbon 7se and Triton 5, to be different speakers.  Not just in price, but ribbon vs soft-dome, bookshelf vs floor stander, two-way vs three-way, two-driver vs seven-driver/radiator, differences in size, weight, materials, cabinet, etc.

I had the Triton 7 for a while, and it put out an enormous amount of bass.  I see that the Triton 5 goes even deeper.  Unless you have a large listening space with proper acoustic treatments, the Triton 5 will overload the room.  I absolutely loved the Triton 7 and wanted to keep them, but in my 15x12 room there was no way to make them work.  

What size listening space do you have?

Best, Scott  
Hi Scott,
The room is 22x11 feet, but narrow, so
 I will be about 8 feet away from them.
my budget is up to $2500.