Full E.A.R. + Spendor SP100R: cabling ?

Hello all,
my final configuration is a full E.A.R. setup (CD Acute, 868 pre, 534 power, 834P phono) and speakers are the Spendors SP100R's.
So it's time to think about cables in a serious way. I tried some solutions and the best I found was a complete Cardas Clear cabling, fantastic but I'm struggled against the high price :-(
My question is if you have suggestions or directions to obtain a 1st class sound, in your opinion comparable to Clears, that I can give a try. Sorry I don't live close to a big town so I'm limited for trying everything...
Thanks in advace !
I use Spendor S 100s internally rewired with Cardas [ except for tweeter , which is silver] driven by a CJ Primer 350. I have Cardas Golden Reference speaker cables [bought used]. I have been using VDH The First since the early 90s, now using the latest version. I was a dealer back then and became one again a year ago. I used then in the 14 years when I was out of audio retailing. While there are marginally better ICs like the top Cardas and Transparent they are FAR higher in cost. I saw a pair of First Ultimate on here for $220, you could try a pair and resell it at little if any loss if it didn't suit you.
Thanks Stan, I also tried a full Goldern Ref and IMHO they are so far form Clear sound...
mine are spendor sp2/3r, I use analysis plus solo crystal oval 8 SC and copper oval in IC, the sound is so /natural realistic, and brings out good bass(not spendor's strength), soundstage is not as wide as other cables called "Supra sword" which gave me the LP effect, both supra and Analysis plus are cheaper than Cardas(almost went for a trial), I almost went for supra which had more flow to music, but because i listen to a lot of rock/jazz and electronica, i need something with better dynamics, Analysis plus is especially good in this regard, it made me realise how hard Plinius can punch! It also smoothen out the treble, as my esoteric can be quite sharp on violin music sometimes.
good luck
Thanks Andy ! I'll give a chance to Analysis Plus :-)
Update: in the meanwhile I tried a full Audience AU24 cabling, IC and SC. In my system everything appears correct in relation to the cable's price but.. let me say.. with no emotion.
I'm seriously consider to start to take more money apart for Clears...
Hi, Massimo...

It's a really pleasure for me to meet you here too...

Going on topic, I suggest to you to test the Nordost Valhalla...The performance of these cables is really superb, expecially when using "tubes"...You can buy them "used" saving a lot of money.

Rocco !!! How small the world is ???

In topic: I tried Nordost Frey in the past but I disliked them in comparision with Nanotec Systems cabling, of course Valhalla is a superior class and my components are changed in the meanwhile. I'll try to follow your suggestion :-)