Functionally Agile Hi-Fi Music Streamer as an exceptional audio integrator!

Check out the audio miracles M1 is to realize

Spotify Connect / Roon Ready / Airplay

With the least effort to step into Hi-Fi music life now!

Functionally Agile Hi-Fi Music Streamer to realize all the audio fantasies.

1000Mbps Ethernet port strongly speeds up network transmission.

Controlled by specialized operating app, VitOS Orbiter, both on Apple Store & Google Play.

Lossless sounds in your ears. either being a co-star to support the existing audio system or being a protagonist to directly drive your hi-end headphone or active speakers is favorably adequate.

Extraordinary upgrade method with audio network switch, linear power supply, and DC upgrade cable to optimize the music experience, solid, plump, warm, natural, sweet.

Looks fine for playing local but crappy for streaming unless you're paying for Roon too.
Not just for Roon actually, you can also apply Spotify Connect, Tidal Connect, Airplay, plus with 1000Mbps Ethernet interface processing NAS is really favorable , even just USB performs quite well.
No one said JUST for Roon. It is the only current lossless option for streaming.
The others ARE crappy.
Yeah, I get your point, but let's face it, now those streaming platforms already are able to make the digital music source as high resolution, hence we need advanced audio equipment to perform it, no? 
You cannot expect to have a true hi-fi music enjoyment when the music data is transmitted via bluetooth, same theory.