Furetech power cable and shielding

We all want the best from our gear, wright ?

So my question is if i should connect the shielding of my furetech cable or not?

if yes then only to main side or both ends ?

advice is welcome



Hi, yes you can. Connect it on one side only. 
The side where the power enters the cable.

Hope this helps

Connect the wall plug end only is the traditional advice.  the other end is attached to the wall plug through the ground wire in the cable so there isn't really much difference.    Probably not a problem attaching both ends.  but during some theoretical huge short to ground you want current flowing through the ground wire not the shield.


Why the wall side only?

  • This is refered to s a "Floating Shield"
  • it will "wick away" any EM/RFI noise to the ground pin - to earth
  • connecting it a both ends may allow EM/RFI into the components circuitry - not good

This is a common technique that can be applied to any cable (i.e. interconnct, mains and speaker cables), PROVIDED the cable has a shield as well as a neutral and signal wire.

Regards - Steve


Some say you should complete the circuit and attach a wire on the female end of the Shield back to the male side shield. I’m not saying the ground plug on the connector. I read about this on audiophile style and it made a difference in my system with a lower noise floor and tonality. 
try it before you knock it.

Ok everyone, thanks for the confirmation and explanation. So I will connect the shield to the earth pin on the main side but not on the other side.

Thanks and have a nice summer.