Furitech vs. Bedini Demagnitizer

What do you hear after you demag a CD? Has anyone compared these two units? If so, would you let us know what the diferences were? Is the Furitech worth the almost-double-the-price of the Bedini? Or, would pass on the demagnitizer idea? Any thoughts, suggestions or comments will be greatly appreciated. In advance, thanks!
I have made extensive comparison between Bedini and Furutech but will not discuss result of my comparison with somone who will not even take the time to learn how to spell both of names correctly. You must do your own homework and decide for self.
Well I have not heard CD's demag'd from the Furitech but, I am not sure if the Bedini really makes all that much difference. I just don't use mine anymore. Actually, if you would like one I am willing to give it to you but, shipping will be on you.
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I also have a Radio Shack High Power Video/Audio Tape Eraser. I bought this just to try it out - I have no tapes.

The effect is extremely subtle, and I doubt if I could categorically say that the action of demagnetizing a CD improves the sound. It only cost a few dollars to try for myself, though.

In my case, I have the Furutech (did I spell it correctly?) and compared it to the latest Bedini. I preferred the Furutech--I could hear deeper into the mix than with the Bedini--but the difference was hardly earth-shattering. Then again, if you've maximized the rest of your system, every good tweak brings you a little closer to the music.
Thanks for the responses.
Obviously, we have a member with an attitude problem (no name, but it's obvious above). He needs to take the time to learn how to be a human being. What a little prick (I hope I spelled that right for him)!