Furman Upgrade to Niagra

I remember ready an article some time ago by @erik_squires on 110v power and him recommending these as a good place to start, so I bought a couple of: https://furmanpower.com/product/15a-6-outlet-surge-suppressor-strip/

I recall him saying to use one bank for analogue and the other for digital. Well, I have no analogue gear, so I just use all the outlets as needed.

What would an Audioquest Niagra 3000 or even the Niagra 1200 do for my system over and above my simple power strips, would the large monetary investment be a substantial beneficial to my system over my pair of PST-6s? Thanks.


Over Covid I was out of work and sold all my gear (and my house) just to survive, in that old set up I had a Furman PF Elite that I let go for pennies on the dollar. Wish I had it (and my old system) back again...

ECON 101

- Have up to 12 mortgage payments in a savings account dude

- Multiple revenue sources is key (in case one fails). Re-examine your career and level of job security.

- Don’t hang out with audiophiles (or forums dedicated to them) unless you are rich. Most of them are just trust fund babies. A few of them got rich by their own inner aptitude (but, point is...they got rich somehow).


Save and avoid expensive debt. Home mortgage is unavoidable for most of us but still better than renting. (Maybe that paradigm has changed since Covid). Car loans are avoidable but I indulged myself a few times with new cars over the years. If you borrow money for a car it is key to keep it clean and looking/running its best so that you can sell quickly if you must. Don’t spend money you don’t have. Wait for it. Plan for the worse, hope for the best. A mortgage is a must when starting out; but having no mortgage (or rent due) is an amazing freedom and frees up a lot of cash.

Best song: LA Dreamer by Charlie on their Lines album. Got that record from a cut out bin in the 80s.

@tonywinga that’s even deeper, but thank you for the sound (no pun intended) advice! Maybe we should change the name here to Moneybgon!


Maybe we should change the name here to Moneybgon!

That was funny.

But I think that not everyone who is into this hobby is rich or has trust funds. Yes, if you have $$$$ systems, then that probably is true. But for most folks it is just what they could afford to buy AFTER they were able to meet their savings goal.

Unfortunately this hobby is such that (my philosophy, may not apply to you), it is better to experience some great music/sound with some good components RATHER than enjoying some good music/sound with great components later in life. Why? Because your listening senses degrades as you age and you might not hears stuff the way they wold have sounded when you are younger.

@navyachts , good to see that you came back strong after the pandemic and have a very good system again!