Furutech DeStat usage

Can someone tell me the best way to utilize the DeStat?

Should I use it while the record is in my hand or while it's on the turntable platter?

Thanks in advance!
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Hey Theo!

Thanks for the response! That's exactly what I tried last night with great success. It seemed to have significantly lowered the pops and clicks I had previously heard on some of the vinyl spinning last night.

Happy Listening!

While we are on this subject, I would like to share the following info.

Destat is a product produced by a Japanese company and Furutech just get the license to sell this product under its own name. That company now has a new version of Destat which is much better and will sell at a cheaper price.

Too bad, Furutech will NOT has the license to sell this new version of Destat. I don't know when and how this new product will make it to North America. I am getting mine through a friend in Japan and will have it by the end of March. :)

Those who are in the market for the Destat now should wait a bit if you like to spend your money wisely.
Wow.... sucks to be me right now. Wish I had known this sooner. Always seems to be newer, better stuff just around the corner! Oh well!
Good point Ebm! Thanks for making me feel better about my purchase. You are right... so far 100% effective and loving it!

I am not sure if the new version of Destat is 200% effective but at least 150% and listed at below US$400. My friend has tried it at the CES, and the new version can use on your components as well, NOT JUST on your CDs, LPs.

So you can use it toward EACH of your component, speakers etc.

It may even works on your wife to keep her quiet.