Anyone ever measure audio research Ref 6 Power usage?

Have a chance to get a used audio research preamp and have Learned it has lots of tubes.  How many watts are used when in use? Plan to keep it on a lot

Is this a good preamp compared to other things?

I wouldn't mind spending 15 to 20,000 Thousand for a very nice line stage preamp with tubes?




12 hours a day will cost about $85 a year. You might check with AR for replacement set of tubes every few years.

Man that's my dream preamp right now. If It's a good price I'd grab it. I wouldn't worry about the wattage. On the other hand if you've got 15 to 20 grand You could possibly do better. 

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I have owned a ARC REF 5SE and now a REF 6SE. Absolutely incredible preamps. I have heard many others. If I upgraded, it would be an Audio Research, there would never be any hesitation on my part unless for some reason ARC took a   Accidental detour. Detailed, natural, musical. You can see my system under my UserID. I spend three hours a day listening and have to drag myself away.