Furutech FI-48 NCF (R) vs. FI-50 NCF (R)

Has anyone compared these power plugs (both Rhodium)? I want to use them on a Furutech DPS 4.1 cable in front of my power filter (Lab12 Gordian).
I'm gonna get a test cable soon (DPS 4.1 with the FI-50 NCF), together with the Furutech Rhodium NCF wallsocket (Schuko, since I'm in Germany). If that convinces me, I want to know whether I can save roughly 200 EUR on the connectors without losing too much.
I currently have Phonosophie wallsocket and Oyaide Tunami V2 cable with Iego and Oyaide connectors (gold plated).
I’m interested in this as well and it is unfortunate the are no replies to this thread.

I have shortlisted DPS4.1 but am clueless with the plugs. I want the best bass I can get, neutral and open midrange and airy highs.
I was hoping to skip FI-50 NCF and consider either the FI-48 NCF or 46 NCF Rhodium. Not sure how Gold sounds like but I want to avoid more warmth as I’m using a Class A amp which is quite warm. What I'm looking at is dynamics and punchy bass.
I have tested the DPS4.1 with the FI-50 NCF plugs meanwhile, it sounds great. I have not compared the FI-48, but the dealer said they sound harsh in comparison and he cannot recommend them (maybe that's due to the metal housing). He recommended the FI28/38(R) when budget is an issue. I tried them with the cable for my streamer, where they sound great. I bought the FI-50s for the cable from the wall socket to my power filter. The DPS4.1 with them provides better resolution (best to hear with large choirs, I can hear single voices now) and better sound stage. Tonality is rather neutral, not warm, but reaching lower and higher at the same time. I meanwhile changed more connectors in my chain to Rhodium (starting with the wall socket and then going in the direction of the power flow), and it got better with every step. Same improvements: Resolution, clarity, dynamics, colors of sound. depth and body of instruments and voices.
Thanks for the response hm9001. Certainly useful information. The FI-48R is out. Perhaps I'll look at FI28R and S032N.
This is exactly what I used for the cable for my streamer/CD Player (modified Oppo 105). The sound is a tremendous improvement against a ~200 EUR commercial cable. I used the Furutech Rhodium spades (FP-209-10 (R)) to terminate the cable ends, they fit nicely with the cable clamps in the higher end Furu connectors (starting with the FI-28). You need a decent crimp tool though.
Can't comment on the FI-48(R), but the FI-48(Ag) is great in my system. 

Without doubt the best silver-plated connector I've ever auditioned!
I have only used DPS-4.1 with the FI-50 plugs, so I can't say how they would compare to the other Furutech plugs but I can certainly recommend the 50s. The sound is beautiful, super detail in the midrange, bur zero harshness, and excellent soundstage (depth). Bass is good too, but probably you could find something better at this price point (for me it's good enough). The Polish Furutech dealer terminates the DPS-4.1 with FI-50 only, saying it's the only combination to go (in fact this is the only termination he agrees to install...).  A word of caution though: the DPS-4.1 with FI-50 takes endless hours to break in, so you will really have to patient before the magic hits you one day :) The changes during the breakin are evident in a high-resolution system, they may not be so dramatic in other systems.