Furutech FP-TCS31 With FI-28 (R) Better than Virtual Dynamics Nite II Cord? Please Help

I need some advice and hope there are folks here who own Virtual Dynamics Nite II power cords and have compared them with Furutech TSC31 with matching plugs.

Currently I have all my best costly cords ($2k+) on all my critical equipment, amp and DAC. I just bought a power conditioner and am currently using the VD Nite II cord between the wall outlet and power conditioner. Perhaps I am imagining things but I suspect the VD Nite II may be limiting the potential of the system. I suspect a better cord such as the Furutech TCS31 will sound better than the VD Nite II.

I compared my Acrolink 8N-PC8100 and 7N-PC9700 to the Virtual Dynamics Nite II and the Acrolink cords made the VD cord sound unrefined with a less smoother and composed sound. The Acrolink top of the line cords are very good but they are costly. I don’t intend to spend so much for a power cord that will connect the wall outlet to the power conditioner so the Furutech is considered for the replacement of the VD. However, I hope the Furutech will sound better than the Virtual Dynamics cord that I am currently using.

The VD Nite II costs $700 MSRP back in the day if I’m not mistaken. The Furutech TSC31 with the matching plugs will cost twice of that.

Any advice would be appreciated.




I have not listened to the Nite but i am using for a long time the tcs31 with your mentioned plugs and i like it a lot. Currently using it on my preamp though i had great results with it when connected on my SACD player.

Please note that in this configuration it is not a warm cable and requires ages to burn in. Info retrieval is excellent as its extension, dynamics and tight bass. A sound characteristic i believe of triple c conductors is their leaner midbass, so it depends on your system, but still behave better in all other areas compared to occ ones. I think that it would be a good choice for your power conditioner and most likely in other places in your system.


I use Furutech FP-S032N with FI-28(R) plugs in my system and it’s very good. Competes with power cables costing much more for the same length.

TCS should be even better. However, if possible, I would use the FI-50 NCF plugs. Also keep in mind the power cord feeding your power conditioner should be at least equal to the best power cord you have on components plugged into the power conditioner.

Can’t offer thoughts on the comparison to VD Nite II.

Still a believer and loving occ wire.Did a cable with newer stuff and didnt do it for me...I am curious about the dps 4.1 stuff though and have heard lot of +++.Just ran in power conditioner cable with 28 R... I am using them on cd player as well.Power cable for amp has 50 ncf and thats a done deal...The audioharma is proving to be a very usefull tool.Cables potential fully realized the little 28’s sound awesome.

furutech wire with 28-50’s...400-600 + burn easily.

Thanks for the responses. Looks like I will need to spend the money. FI-50 NCF is considerably more money but will attempt to stretch my budget and go for it.

Settled with the Fi-28 (R) to warm up to the Furutech sound. Will try the FI-50 (R) NCF in the future if I feel the itch. I will only have the time to install the cable and listen this weekend. I do hope it will meet my expectations / sounding better than the VD Nite II.



Nice...i think youll be quite pleased..."after 400-500 hrs".😉 Wire maybe a little more than that.

Thanks digsmithd. When I first connected the cable and listened, it is not good. The sound quality is worse than the VD cord. The treble was rolled off and everything sounded warm and bunched up together, lacking clarity and detail. I am aware the wait will be rather long as I went through the painful exercise with the Furutech GTX-D NCF about 400 hours, maybe longer. I am confident the long wait will be well worth it.

"I am confident the long wait will be well worth it."...i believe so ryder.

50’s get all the the glory...and they are a great product...the 28’s a sweet connector and no slouches imho.

@ryder I'm currently having a similar experience with the FP-TCS31 but with different/gold terminations. Took delivery yesterday, have around 24hrs play through so far, but similar observations as you. Look forward to the end result 😊👍

@ryder it will be great. Give it time. I have 28(R) on FPS-032n and love it. I’m confident TCS is a great cord so I wouldn’t worry about it

Let us know. TCS is on my list to try next.


No problem. However, it will take some time since I only have the time to listen during the weekends so it may take several months. Also, the cable goes between the wall outlet and power conditioner so the end result is a combination of several mains cables. Nevertheless, I’ll surely update this thread when everything sounds the way it should be. Currently the cable has about 10 hours of play time and music still sounds dull with a fat bloated bass.

I couldn’t believe it I’m updating this thread so soon. Right, folks, the sound of my system suddenly changed for the better this morning. Played a variety of music, all familiar music. In brief summary, this is the best sound I’m currently getting with this system. VD Nite 2 can’t compete anymore.

The cable might not be fully broken in yet so I was quite surprised at the rather spectacular sound I’m currently getting. After some analysis, my assumption is the power conditioner may have played a part in accelerating the burn-in process. It draws 5-10W in idle. As I’ve left the mains cable connected for more than 4 days, about 100 hours has been clocked although actual play time is about 20 hours at this point time.

The rolled off treble is now gone, replaced by illuminating airy and silky highs. The warmth and bunched up sound in the midrange and midbass is also gone as clarity and separation are significantly improved. Bass now sounds taut, tight and defined with ample slam and dynamics.

The most important observation is everything now sounds just right. Music which didn’t sound good previously, sounding dull or lacking in separation and detail, they all now sound different, very listenable! The clarity in the music has significantly improved. The tone of piano in most familiar tracks I’ve played throughout the years, some sounded good and some sounded poor - dull and flat. They all now sound close to perfection with improved clarity throughout the frequency spectrum.

I’m not sure if the cable has achieved close to 100% optimal performance. Even if it’s still at about 70% or 80%, the Furutech has lived up to my expectations, perhaps exceeded them a little. I’m typing this while listening to the music. It’s not only the clarity, separation and detail but sound stage also got wider as music now sounds more enveloping.

Looks like I’ve made the right choice going with this Furutech. I’m happy. Will continue to update if there are anymore surprises with weeks to come.

I’m glad it sounds good for now.  You are in for a long roller coaster ride for several weeks based on my experience. Stay patient, it’s worth it. 

I’m glad it sounds good for now.  You are in for a long roller coaster ride for several weeks based on my experience. Stay patient, it’s worth it. 

Awesome...thats great news.Im all in on furutech stuff as my conditioner cable sounds perfect as well...it has over 600 hrs as well as connectors.The rhodiums take some time and might flip flop couple times before your wire settles.It gives you a big window what to expect though for now.I believe it will only get better with maturation.Kool ryder.Great to hear..."pun"