Fuses on Magnepan .7 speackers

I have a new pair of Magnepan .7 speakers and have heard that the fuses in them are low quality and that I can actualy improve the performance of the speakers by replaing the fuses.

has anyone had experience with replacing fuses on there maggies?

So much about this subject already.     @roberjerman. You are still at it I see. In some of my rigs, I have bypassed the fuses, and it made quite a difference. In other parts of my rigs, I have upgraded my fuses, and it has made a difference. I mentioned in another post, that three things are happening ( with you and a few others ). ( 1 ) Your system in not high def enough to hear these differences. ( 2 ) You have never tried bypassing or upgrading a fuse. ( 3 ) Your hearing is the issue. No one has indicated it has changed the tone. What I can tell you is, I hear more of the recorded information. So stop being a troll, and let the adults chime in, or continue, if you wish, as , I don’t really care what you have to say. Enjoy ! MrD.
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Hardcore Maggie enthusiasts on the Planar Speaker Asylum Forum discuss bypassing the entire fuse assembly in their Maggies. Some of the parts are ferrous! Even if you change the fuse, those parts are still compromising the ultimate potential of the speaker. 
I’m having difficulty finding a relatively inexpensive (under $50US) large 5A fast blow audiophile fuse to replace the mid-range fuse. Some of the suggestions above seem to be for slow blow fuses. Thanks in advance. I’ve 3.6Rs and a Bryston amp.