Fuses on Magnepan .7 speackers

I have a new pair of Magnepan .7 speakers and have heard that the fuses in them are low quality and that I can actualy improve the performance of the speakers by replaing the fuses.

has anyone had experience with replacing fuses on there maggies?

I have upgraded the fuses in my 1.6's and 3.7's. 
Yes, there was an improvement.
There are a variety of fuses and prices to select from. I eventually purchased the Verastarr "Experience Truth Audio Upgrade Kit" which uses a Fuse Bypass. If a fuse bypass doesn't bother you, contact Mike Powell at Verastarr and see if he can assist you. The fuse bypass (a silver plated tube the size of the fuse) was an inprovement over designer fuses.
A fuse is a fuse is a fuse ... THEY ARE ALL ALIKE! If a fuse works it is a GOOD fuse! Do not listen to what the crazies say! Whether a fuse costs $1 or $150 THEY ALL SOUND ALIKE! A fuse is NOT a tone control and does NOTHING to change tone quality! So save your money for something that really matters, like better amplification and better recordings! 
Some fuse makers(ie: Synergistic) offer a free trial period, so- you’ve nothing to lose, by ACTUALLY TRYING their products(unlike MOST neigh-sayers). Listening to them, in your own system and with your own ears, is the only way to know if you can hear an improvement, worth the investment. I use Hi-Fi Tuning Supremes, in everything but my Maggies(in which I’ve always bypassed the links and fuse holders). In every application, upgraded fuses have made an audible uptick in performance. You can see an example of a return policy, here: http://www.synergisticresearch.com/fuses/blue/ If the neigh-sayers had their way, NO ONE would be trying ANYTHING that doesn’t fit THEIR way of seeing things. They’re quick to voice their(generally) untested opinions though: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NdCxHJIYz8I
I have heard a difference between fuses, mostly for the better.
But, I do think prices have gone a bit too high. 
Also, some of these designs are not UL spec'd. So, I would be concerned that they would trip when required to- and save the equipment they were supposed to protect.
I second the recommendation for HiFi Tuning fuses.
Thank you all for your feedback.  Looks there are defenitly two sides of the fence on this one.  Im going to call my sales guy Mark at Audio Perfection in Richfield MN and se what he recommends.  I have always gotten great honest advice from him.

My experience most Audio Stores don’t push tweaks too much or have a lot of experience with them, so good luck there. I’ve also found many manufacturers haven’t tried them or feel they didn’t make a difference but I found on my gear they did; I think they just want to stay out of the debate.

I’m from the camp fuses do make an improvement and run SR Blacks. Bought mine from VH Audio with the free trial period so no risk.

Being a former Magnepan owner and having blown a few fuses myself on them it could be a costly thing if you blow them here and there. I’d suggest if you try them to bump them up a bit but be careful. Are the stock fuses Fast Blow, if so maybe Slow Blow would be the way to go. I don’t recall what the stock ones are.
@grekon39- ".....there are definitely two sides of the fence on this one." One could certainly say that! If you haven’t perused the offerings/opinions, in the following threads, you might be interested. Don’t know how many responses are based on speaker fuses, though I noticed a couple, in the second thread. https://forum.audiogon.com/discussions/the-new-synergistic-research-blue-fuses and(back a tiny bit farther): https://forum.audiogon.com/discussions/synergistic-red-fuse
I have had both MMGs and MG12s (now called .7).
I reconnected them to by-pass the fuse.
The difference in transparency and clarity is obvious.
If you trust your amp and run it well below its capabilities, just by-pass.
I have had MMGs driven by a qsc pro-amp at absurd SPLs for 15-20 minutes at a time and never had a problem.
So much about this subject already.     @roberjerman. You are still at it I see. In some of my rigs, I have bypassed the fuses, and it made quite a difference. In other parts of my rigs, I have upgraded my fuses, and it has made a difference. I mentioned in another post, that three things are happening ( with you and a few others ). ( 1 ) Your system in not high def enough to hear these differences. ( 2 ) You have never tried bypassing or upgrading a fuse. ( 3 ) Your hearing is the issue. No one has indicated it has changed the tone. What I can tell you is, I hear more of the recorded information. So stop being a troll, and let the adults chime in, or continue, if you wish, as , I don’t really care what you have to say. Enjoy ! MrD.
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What the saying about there is one born every second!!!
Boy that's the truth. Spend your cash on music
Hardcore Maggie enthusiasts on the Planar Speaker Asylum Forum discuss bypassing the entire fuse assembly in their Maggies. Some of the parts are ferrous! Even if you change the fuse, those parts are still compromising the ultimate potential of the speaker. 
I’m having difficulty finding a relatively inexpensive (under $50US) large 5A fast blow audiophile fuse to replace the mid-range fuse. Some of the suggestions above seem to be for slow blow fuses. Thanks in advance. I’ve 3.6Rs and a Bryston amp.
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