Futterman H3a OTL amp for sale seen on on eBay!

Just saw a Julius Futterman H3a power amp listed for sale on eBay today. Great piece of audio history to own !
I can only tell you of my experience, so there is no spreading of rumors, myths being perpetuated or anecdotal accounts being said here. This Futterman has been driving KLH Model Nines since 1972. I don't know how that "reputation" came about, but in today's lingo i might even say its fake news.
Futtermans like high impedance and were designed for 16 ohm and above speakers.  These were very popular in early hi-fi. Will work OK but the low limit is 8 ohms.  They are much more efficient the higher the impedance.  Never heard of them taking out output tubes.  A very novel tranformerless design.