Fyne Audio F502 or Sonus Faber Sonetto V

Hi people, seeking opinions from you all that have exposure to these speakers/product lines. 

My current setup is a pair of Dali Oberon 7s, driven by Parasound A23 power and HiFi Rose RS 250 Streamer/Pre-amp. Why I got the Dali’s in the first place - warm, big, natural with amazing vocals. It lacks in fine detail, sound stage compared to others I have listed to, and doesn’t perform as well in low volume listening, which I find myself doing a fair bit. Note: the DAC in the Rose streamer really added a lot of detail to the top end. But I still want more! It’s great, but its not breathtaking and that is what I want. 

Option 1: My local deal is offering me $1250 for trade in value for the Dali floorstanders, leaving $3750 + Tax for the Sonetto Vs.  

Option 2: Local seller offering used Fyne Audio 502s for about 2K. I don’t see getting more than $1000-$1100 selling towers on Audiogon or eBay. 

Im also mildly consider the next step up in Dali’s line - the Opticon 6 Mk2 (2K), In which case I will just use the Oberon 7 towers for rear HT duty. 



If these Joseph Audio speakers are still available they’d give you what you’re looking for and save you some good $$$.  They completely disappear and throw off a deeeep 3D soundstage like few other speakers, and they have lots of detail/air but present it in a very natural way.  Definitely worth a look IMHO given what you’re looking for, but if they don’t work out you can turn around and sell them for little/no loss so very low risk. Best of luck. 

If your dealer has a pair of the Opticon 8 mk2 you should test those out at home, and also the Sonetto V.  The Sonetto may have more "detail" but it's really just peaky and fatiguing top end (Olympica Nova line doesn't have this problem).  The Opticon 6 mk2 is dollar for dollar the best speaker in that price range on the market in our opinion, but if you're comparing to Sonetto V, you should be fair and jump to the Opticon 8 or Rubicon 6.

As far as low level listening goes, yes, unless you can pull the Oberon 7 way out from the wall to get rid of any room gain boundary effects, they will be very warm sounding which wont translate well to low level listening.