Sonus Faber Amati Trads or Serafinos + Gravis Vi?

I am considering upgrading my speakers from Harbeth SHL5+XD to either the a pair of Amati Traditions or a pair of Serafinos with a Gravis VI sub. Each combo comes out to about the same price (with one Gravis VI sub). Room is 28’x16’x8’. Gear is Mac C2700/MC611s/Esoteric N-01XD. Just for two channel music. Mostly classic rock, vintage country, classical, rhythm and blues.

Any thoughts on which combo? I can audition the Amati Traditions and Serafinos, but not likely with the Gravis Vi sub. Could demo with a JL or a ML Balanced Force. Does anyone know if the SF Gravis subs are truly matched to the SF speakers? Or would it be better (other than for looks) to go with a JL or ML Balanced Force sub?  And is there an advantage with a dual driver design like the SF Gravis VI and ML BF vs a single driver design like a JL and REL?


personally for classic rock I would not do a Sonus faber they are too warm and lack the shimmer of a symbol also they don’t have enough dynamic punch


Look at a legacy focus a great rock loudspeaker and you can get a pair with built in sub woofer amplifier also way less expensive will fill up a large room with ease.


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Legacy  dealers

Dealer who doesn't recommend  the OP's speaker brand choice and by coincidence ISN"T a SF dealer...whooda thunk? Tacky

SF's sound great with any music...geez


We have a nice pair of Sonus Faber Stradivari in our listening room driven by VAC mono blocks, or our Class A mono blocks.  While I would say that they are on the warm side of the musical spectrum, vocals like Pink Floyd are stunning.  Bass is a little slow with the tube power amps.  Haven't played around with to many other amps as we don't really feel the need.  Van Morrison, Warren Haynes, Buddy Guy, all sound very enjoyable.  The Vivids in the room are smaller in height but offer more resolution, dimension, speed so personal preferences come into play.

Happy Listening.


I own SF Olympica IIIs powered by a McIntosh MC402 amp.  I listen to large scale orchestral music and classic rock.  The idea that full range SF speakers lack enough "dynamic punch" for classic rock strikes me as flatly incorrect.  This is especially true considering the OP's MC611s.  

Wow a dealer for Legacy is the first to pound on the Sf selections by the OP. 
Hey audiotroy how’s many actual sales do you make of this forum?

Betting not many.

Tacky tactics my man.

Now to the original question, do you have a Sf dealer that will let you demo in your home?

I would try to demo them both. All Sf speakers are wonderful and can go with about any amplification.