Galaxy S3 phone and external DAC

I want to find something like the Dragonfly DAC, or something similar, to work with my Android based Galaxy S3 phone. I would like to play the music stored on the phone into my main system but with better sound than what comes out of its mini jack. All files are stored either WAV or MP3,

Audioquest confirmed that the Dragonfly will not work on an Android operating system. Someone pointed me here but I don't have any clue about the sound quality (is it really any better than the analogue out mini jack on the phone?) Seems too good to be true for such low cost - HIFIMEDIY SABRE.

Then there's this on Amazon - DiiO E18 Kunlun?

So I ordered this about 2 weeks ago, then we left on vacation. I got back today and picked up our mail and there it was in a little bubble pack. Very tiny. No instructions. I plugged it into the phone's USB and then into the jack on my upstairs system and ...

Wow - there's the BASS, man. Much better detail and a soundstage and transparency than the standard earphone jack on the phone. I had to turn it down because it puts out a lot more gain. I'm also guessing that it will improve a bit as it breaks in but it does indeed sound damn great right now after about 1/2 hour.

No idea how it might compare to a real DAC on the downstairs (main) system - maybe some day in the future, but this is a no brainer for $30. If you have an Android phone and want to play the music on it then seriously just buy this.
Trying to improve mp3 is really a hopeless cause...
However,the best way to get files from your phone to the stereo is with a bluetooth device. A dvd player like Oppo will work and I'm sure there is a cheaper option out there.
The Graham Slee Bitzie DAC works with the Galaxy S3 - the sound quality is excellent and I recommend it highly

You need a cable that is micro USB (out from S3) to USB 'B' type (into Bitzie DAC). The Bitzie has a phono 'Y' output adaptor included in the packaging so you can connect to a main system via phono interconnects

In several countries there is a loan scheme to borrow the Bitzie before purchase (UK, Europe, USA, Australia etc)

It also acts as very high quality USB DAC between a computer (PC or MAC) and main system. There is a high quality USB 'B' - 'A' cable for this purpose which can be ordered as a standard option