Gallo Acoustics Micro 5.1 system vs KEF Eggs

Hi everyone, just curious as to which would be better for my home theater setup. We don't have space for floorstanders or even bookshelves, so we need small speakers and a hideaway sub. Here's some qualifications:

1. 90% Movies, 10% Multichannel Surround Music. I already have a dedicated listening room.

2. Room dimensions 12x18x8

3. Reciever will most likely be Denon 3803 or new Outlaw Audio

4. Don't need room shaking bass, just good bass extension and clarity

Any help would be much appreciated!!
I probably will go for the KEF. Any possibility for you to A/B them and decide?
After much hemming and hawing I got five of the KEF "eggs" (version 1) and the sub. They are powered by a Rotel RSX 972 receiver and, in my small room for HT, the system sounds very good. If I weren't such a two-channel enthusiast I might even say excellent. BUt even with my eyes closed while listening through this set up I like what I hear.