Gallo/amp questions

i currently have a set of Gallo Ref 3.1's, Ref AV Center, and Due's for the rear. These are powered by a lexicon LX-7 with a Lexicon MC-12 Preamp (also have the Gallo sub amp).
I think the set up sounds great but i can tell there is more to be heard from the Gallo's. I know a lot of users say the higher the current of the amp the better, and i'm not sure where the Lx-7 falls in that area. I have heard great reviews of spectron and i was wondering if i did go that route and use the spectron for the 3.1's (could sill use the lx-7 for center/surrounds) could i still use the sub amp?
Again i think the speakers sound nice with the current amp, but i know they could sound much better.
Thanks so much. Price permitting i currently can only afford the musician ii but have a deal for roughly $1,500.00. Not sure how good of a deal that is but i think i am definatly leaning towards it
Take a look at I've heard these amps paired with Reference 3.x speakers and the pairing was very good.