Amp for Gallo Ref 3.1 and Modwright swl 9.0se?

Speakers: Anthony Gallo Reference 3.1
Preamp: Modwright swl 9.0se

Budget for amp: Under $1500

Source: CD & Ipod (DAC coming soon)

Music: jazz, 60's psychedelic, drone, metal, hip-hop, ambient and electronic played quiet and loud

I'm very curious about class D, but ultimately want the best pairing. I understand the gallo 3.1's need heavy current.

FWIW, I'm driving my Ref 3's with 12 wpc of SET power, plus the Gallo SA amp on the woofers' second voice coils, so I wouldn't worry unduly about having enough power :-)

This is in a pretty huge room, BTW.

No amp suggestions, but good luck.
I run the Wyred 4 Sound 250WPC amp, class D, and it sounds great with my 3.1s. No complaints here, a much better match than a pair of Cary Six Pacs for me (these were sloppy in the bass)

Given my experience, I do agree that you want some current to drive the bass driver cleanly

Good luck finding the right amp, I don't think these speakers are too picky.
I had a Wyred 4 Sound ST-1000 500WPC amp with my 3.1's and it was way more than needed, I think the 250 would be plenty of power for them. The sound was excellent and the price fits your budget. I am currently running a Clayton 50WPC Class A amp which gives me everything I need and have heard them sound glorious with a 20 WPC 300B but your going to need some juice to play the music you like loud.

I have not heard the Modwright/Wyred 4 Sound combination. My preamp was a Cary98SLP.

If you are patient the Wyred 4 Sound amps are coming up used pretty regularly now. I paid $1,500.00 for my ST-1000.
I am running a Music Reference RM-200II, which is over your price, to very good results. Roger Modjeski was running a special for his RM-10 tube amp for $1,450.00, regular $1,950.00 That included shipping. He says that is his favorite amplifier. It is 35 watts per channel. I do not know if he is still running that special, but you may want to contact him and find out.
Great suggestions. From reading the forums, it seems class D or tube are the way to go. I was trying to avoid tube amps due to the maintenance factor and that I sometimes play music loud. My thinking was the Modwright would bring warmth to the system, even with a class D amp in place. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.

Also - has anyone tried Channel Island amps? I'm looking at the D-200.

OK - I've narrowed my option to the amps below. Any advice, pro's, cons, weaknesses etc...?

Wyred 4 Sound st-500
McCormack DNA-250
Channel Island D-200
I run a Butler TBD2250 tube/SS hybrid. Runs cool all day and plenty of power. See this review of the Butler used with the Gallos.

The Butler TBD2250 seems to be a great pairing. Does anyone know how often these are available used?
There is a 5 channel Butler TBD5150 available. Does anyone know if this would work in 2 channel, and if so, how it would compare to the TBD2250?
Anthony Gallo develops all of his speakers, specifically Ref 3.1 using Spectron Audio amplifiers. As far as I know they will present them at CES 2010 next January.

Its all for the good reason: heavenly combination.

Best of Luck
I run a Son of Ampzilla 2000 with my Modwright 9.0SE (Signature Truth). IMO, it's a superb amp. You might be able to find a used one for $1500, or so.

Of the three you've listed I'd probably lean toward the DNA, as I prefer the sonics of conventional amps. I'd highly recommend looking at the Modwright Signature Truth mods. They are a significant improvement over the base SE.
Since you listen to loud electronic and hip-hop music, I suggest that you stretch your budget to buy a good 200W per channel amp.
Dallo 3.1s demand lots of current to deliver deep, powerful bass.
I have had excellent results with Parasound. McIntosh and Gamut amps.
for what it's worth I runĀ  the same Modwright with a McCormack
DNA 1 and it is a fine match. As you may know,the McCormacks
can be upgraded by Steve McCormack .I've spoken with him,only
briefly,but he is quite helpful and friendly. A high current amp that doubles into 4 ohms.