Gallo Reference 3.1 in a large room?

Has anyone had any experience with the Gallo Acoustics Reference 3.1 in a large room? 22' x 15' x 20' high. The speakers will be positioned along the 22' wall and close to this wall. The surfaces are entirely "hard" - wood, plaster, glass, metal; and the room is minimally furnished - two couches and a coffee table. Despite the size of the room, I have little flexibility in speaker positioning. I listen to classical and jazz, mostly.


My pair, the original 3.0 model, is in an 18 x 40' room with a large "L" off one of the 40' sides . The speakers are about 6' out from one of the 18' walls and positioned 8' apart with woofers pointed out (currently). Our rooms differ a lot. Mine is pretty well damped, the walls broken up with paintings and other art, and quite a lot of equipment and furniture. I have no trouble filling this space with 12 wpc SET monoblocks (845 output tubes) augmented with the Gallo subwoofer amp driving the second voice coils. Terrific speakers, IMHO. Dave
It seems like at the HE shows the Gallo's are shown in a fairly large room and always sounded terrific, you should'nt have any problems, I would say these speakers sound their best in larger rooms.
My 3.1's are in a 16X24X10 room with door openings outside of the speakers. These speakers are everything people say they are. I recommend a sub-amp to power the second voice coil. This allows the flexibility to accomodate any room. My 3.1's sound best to me close to the wall (1 foot).

The Boston Acoustics SA-1 has LFE input, phase switch, volume control, 240 W @ 4 ohms and adjustable crossover if you care to use it. My SA-1 volume is set at 2.5 on a 1 to 10 volume scale. I use the LFE input and control the crossover through my PrePro. For classical music or home theater, the second voice coil really takes the speakers down low.